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All Comments

Do you think its guy abuse for a guy to be spanked so hard they can't sit down after the spanking?
In your honest opinion do you think this is guy abuse? Yes or No? Why?

No ignorant answers or rude answers please. I will give you my opinion later.
No, I do not. It's how most of us were spanked. If a parent was forced - by the guy's continued misbehavior - to resort to giving a spanking, it was going to be a memorable one. Along with the memory of how painful the spanking was and how much it hurt to try to sit afterward, the REASON for the spanking was remembered too. A traditional spanking given by conventional means is never abusive.
Do you think its discipline for a guy to be spanked so hard they can't sit down after the spanking?
Do you think this is guy abuse?
I think it's abuse. I am fine with spanking guyren for serious offenses, but you can make it memorable without making them have marks/welts, or be so sore their skin is swollen where they can't sit. But getting a hard spanking and a red butt is different, and acceptable.
Have you ever had to sit on ice after a spanking?
What did you do? How long did you have to do that?
No! As a guy? That would be guy abuse. Nowadays, if you leave any types of marks or welts on a guy, its abuse.
How can u sit after a spanking in shorts!!!!???
In responce to sugurplumfairey.Sori suguar no point in replying directly as ur question hasent had much intrest.I had same sugar.u couldent sit if mom gave u the fly swatter in shorts!lol bad memories!
Very gently... try sitting on a pillow.
Why is it that you can't sit down after a spanking?
I've always wondered!
You can, but you rather not. That is the whole point of a spanking - making you remember what you did wrong whenever you want to (or have to) sit down.
Does it hurt to get spanked on the sit spots?
I never been spanked on the sit spots. How much does it hurt?
Dear Mister Lewis--
I have been spanked on my sit spot many many times. And let me tell you, it rilly rilly HURTS! I'm not guyding! Believe me, you don't ever want to get spanked on your sit spot. OUCH! Now can I have ten points for best answer please? I promise I will be a good boy. I PROMISE!
How do people dress at spanking parties?
I am not planning on going to one, but I am curious as to what they are all about.

Do people dress in role-playing costumes? Can you just sit and observe all the spanking around you and not participate? Do you have to pay to enter the party? Are the parties usually at a private residence?

Any answers would be appreciated.
Having been to my fair share of spanking parties, I'll happily answer this, though more information can be found in an essay that I posted on my spanking blog months ago. The link to my blog can be found in my profile, though it'll take some digging to find the correct entry.

Unless a party has a specific theme (like teacher/student), most people will simply wear clothes that are comfortable and casual. Spankers may tend to wear clothes that are more formal or authoritative, and spankees leans towards clothes that are loose-fitting or easily removed, allowing faster access to "bare" their bottom. Skirts are common among female spankees, with pleated "schoolgirl" skirts being the most common. Some people will dress in roleplay, though, and there are some parties devoted entirely to roleplay.

Yes, you may sit and observe if you don't feel like playing. No one is forced to play, and many parties have the attendees wear stickers that show their orientation for the night (Top, bottom or switch) and include a designation for observer or newbie. As Phil pointed out, you may still be encouraged to play, but most people won't be pushy if you're new. The best parties will give a new person a chance to feel comfortable before they start playing.

Most parties will have an entrance fee, or at least ask for a donation to cover costs, or that the attendees bring a covered dish to share. Obviously, parties cost money to organize, so having to pay to enter isn't any surprise. The best parties offer the most for the least amount of cash. From what I've heard, Shadowlane costs far too much for what is available, and I went to a Crimson Moon party and can say that the same is true of them. The most bang for the buck, from my experience, is the Texas AllState Spanking Party, as their entrance fees are always low, yet the party is huge, particularly the years that it takes place in Dallas.

Larger parties take place at hotels or resorts, and smaller parties usually take place at private residences or rental homes or cabins. While I do enjoy the seclusion of a cabin party, there is something alluring to me about the public nature of a hotel party. I guess that I'm just a showoff, though. That's why I have a blog about it, after all.

There are also icebreaker games to get everyone comfortable when a party starts so spanking can begin, demos, vendors, contests and special events. All parties are different, and vary according to where they're located, who's throwing them, and the general attitudes of those that attend. I hope this answers your question.
Should a grandmother have spanking privileges when sitting the grandguys?
Personally I insist on spanking privileges.
Totally up to the parents. It's their decision on how the guys should be raised. If they don't want their guys spanked, the grandparents don't trump them. The grandparents can always refuse to babysit if they don't like it.

However, my parents (the grandparents) do have my permission. I believe in spanking when it's called for.
After A Spanking Does It Hurt To Sit Down.?
I was just asking because i just was wondering
Usually can sit down for supper, even after the rare bare butt belting.

I guess it depends on your age, how "sensitive" you are to some "discomfort", etc.

You might want a pillow or cushion after being spanked; but by next morning usually it is just a very VIVID memory of the sting.

If you have been drinking illegally and driving drunk, maybe you shouldn't be caring about sitting down for a couple of days after the spanking!
Anyone who literally can't sit down for a week ... that is ABUSE.

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