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Where to buy sexy lingerie online?
Need suggestions of online shops which do nice sexy lingerie Ive tried the normal ones like Ann Summers and stuff but I couldn't find anything and I don't want to google it as I don't want to pay for stuff which I might not get.

Sexy for an affordable price if I do say so myself. You get the whole set (bra and panty) for under $20, and you can really find some cute sexy things.
Nice online lingerie shops?
hi was just wondering if anyone knows any nice sexy lingerie online shops in the uk?

I was also going to say their stuff really is amazing. I love it because it's not like any of the other stuff you see online and its a lot cheaper!
Where to buy the best Lingerie in India Online?
I am interested to shop some sexy lingerie for my Girlfriend. Help!! with suggestions of shopping sites.
Sorry I can't help you with buying something from India, but if you lived in Australia, I would have suggested to Buy Lingerie Online @ | For Ladies Here is their Website
Need a good name for a lingerie website?
A mate of mine is setting up his own lingerie shop online, but we are stuck on what to call it.

It will be selling sexy lingerie and adult toys, but we want it to be a bit classy

Any ideas??
womens desire... saucy secrets...desire....fantasy fun... flirtatious fling.. forever flirtatious....scandalous world....dirrty desert island...desert pleasures...french fling...saucy surprise lingerie boutique.many more lol
What are some good online stores to find sexy intimate dresses and lingerie?
I'm trying to buy a couple sexy outfits for my gf for her birthday. I'm away on business right now, so I have to shop online and have it mailed to her. I'm looking for a sexy dress for her, doesn't have to be something to be worn out in public, just at home ;) Also, want to get her some sexy lingerie. Like a sexy cami and panty, or babydoll, teddy, corset and stockings, etc.

What are some good online sites for this?
I suggested Victoria's Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood, Forever 21, Wicked Weasel... any others for good sexy stuff?………
Where can i get really sexy lingerie...?

Please don't say Victoria's Secret...I bascially have everything from there...Lol.

I don't like tacky cheap looking lingerie and alot of the online shops are.
I want something sexy but Luxious at the same time.Something my boyfriend will love.
Check out here. I know a lot of people who buy from here and are very satisfied:

Have fun!

Where is the Best Place to Shop for Sexy Lingerie for My Wife?
So, I want to get my wife something a little sexy. She's game, and I'm going to surprise her. But, thing is, I don't know where to start. I know here sizes and such, but, I don't know what a good store would be. I know Victoria's Secret and that's it.

Anyone got any recommendations? Any tips to buying lingerie for someone else? Any tips for a guy buying lady's undergarments...I'm thinking I'll try to shop online so I'm not completely embarrassed...not to say I'm not psyched to pick something out for her...just don't want to make an *** out of myself doing it!
Hey man,

When I shop for my lady I usually go to - Fredericks of Hollywood's website. They have some nice stuff, and I can usually find something cool we'll both like on their sale page.

Another reason I stick with them is I can usually find a Fredericks of Hollywood coupon code… online that will help me save more money (I'm a tight wad!).

As far as how do you pick something out. Well, its kind of for both of you no? So, think about your wife, what does she like. How does she dress. Make sure the item would be comfortable to wear (ie she should decide on her own to wear a rubber cat suit) but sexy and not too revealing - for example, if you know your wife has a tummy she doesn't really care for, get her a piece of lingerie that covers her tummy, but maybe accentuates her breasts.

From there, consider what do you like? Try to combine them as best as you can and go from there.

Also, you having her measurements already is a total bonus! The worst is if it doesn't fit.

Most of the things I bought my wife she's liked. Its really spiced up our marriage - and now I can usually surprise her with something she's into - and the rewards she gives out.....its good stuff!!
Whats the best online store to shop for lingerie at?
I wanna wear something sexy and cute for my wedding night! Thanks!
If you know what you're looking for, try eBay for some great deals and an amazing selection!…
Need help finding sexy lingerie in my size?
I have a big problem, which is that I cannot find lingerie small enough to fit me. I am 5 feet tall, 92 pounds, wear size 0, and my bras are 34A. PLEASE do not think I am trying to brag about being small, because it’s really a problem. I want to wear sexy bustiers, teddies, costumes, etc. for my guy but I cannot find any small enough! I have looked at all the shops online and have even purchased some that were supposed to be small but they were too big. It’s actually very depressing. Does anyone know where I can find these things in my size?
I googled it and here are a few websites…

Hope this helps

BTW- Valerie that was just mean
Besides victoria secret, where is a good place online I can buy panties?
Nothing super sexy...not like Lingerie...just everyday undies, cotton or silk. I always shop online and VS is where I typically go, but where else is a good place...that isn't super expensive. Any ideas?
I get my undies at AE sometimes. They're really cute and SO comfy! Another place is Aeropostale, although they can sometimes ride up if you wear jeans that are too tight, which is annoying.

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