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Nipple piercing- can it be performed on breasts with puffy areolas?
I'm a19 year old woman who wants to get my nipple pierced but my areolas (colored part behind the nipple) are very prominent and has a "puffy" appearance. The puffiness lessens when my nipples are cold or aroused. The areola seems to cover a large part of the nipple but the nipple still protrudes about a centimeter beyond it. I was wondering if this would affect piercing at all? Is it still possible for me to be pierced?
I'm the same way darlin...and i had my nipples pierced...it didn't do anything at all but make me sexier....lol. The only reason i took them out, hell i dont know. I SHOULD REPIERCE THEM!!!!
Do mature breasts also have puffy nipples?
puffy nipples being a sign of puberty, are there also mature (21 and onwards) breasts with that feature?
or is it most commonly a "normal" nipple?
i asked a similar qstn last week, that mine are puffy most of the time unless cold etc... all people said was they are still maturing, or they could just be that way forever, its just what theyr like. i dont know, everybody is different so not all nipples will be the same!
Does Ultimate Gynemax get rid of fatty tissue and puffy nipples in male breasts?
Not just fat - but the gynecomastia tissue?
if you have them because your fat, loose weight. if your not fat, see a doctor. the only way to get rid of them is surgery. lots of guys get them, because of all the crap in the food. I checked out the web site, its nothing more then a diet pill.
I had my breasts reduced 3 months ago and they are still puffy looking?
After my surgery my nipples get puffy when I'm aroused. I've been like this for 3 months now.
So wtf is your question and if there is one, why don't you ask your doctor, god knows you paid him enough.
I have swollen, puffy, and enlarged nipples; not breasts. Any remedies or ways to get rid of them?
I really appreciate you guys who are serious but I know its funny too lol
Its a condition called gynocamistia (gyno for short) and it is just from your hormones. I have had Gyno for 2 yrs and im 14 and it hasent gon away! :( but im one of the unluckey ones, it usually goes away durring the 1st yr. Also No... None that i know of BUT if you go to www.gynocomastia.org they might be able to talk to u and helpp ya!
'Tender' puffy breasts (not sore at all!).... Preg?
Hi, okay, I'm officially 3 weeks late for my period. Went for a blood test and awaiting the results ( home preg test was negative after the first week) ..but I just wanted to know if anyone else had these symptoms:

Breasts (feel like water balloons, not very tough)...is that what tender means or is it supposed to be full and swollen. I've tried to find answers to this everywhere...mine are very soft, espcially the areolas.

Other symptoms are cramps for the past week...I always think I'm about to get my period but when I run to the bathroom to check it's just a clear watery discharge (sometimes a little milky as well). Sorry for being so descriptive.

And I'm completely exhausted..all the time. Like I ran a marathon!

But, that's about it. Anyone else pregnant and had swollen breasts only later, etc. What were your symptoms?

Thanks for the help!:)
You very well could be pregnant. But it could also be your period trying to come on. With you being late though, I would await for the test results to come back and wait. I know it's probablly killing you to wait to find out.
Ever since my breasts have developed I have had what appear to be slightly puffy bumps on my nipple?
when I squeeze it puss comes out like a pimple...what is this?

sorry there wasn't enough room to fit it all in the question box..
They're called Montgomery glands. What you're squeezing out of them is sebum (oil), not pus.

Their purpose is to produce oil to keep the nipple from drying out.

It seems like most women aren't able to see theirs unless they're pregnant.

But I've always been able to see mine (and yes, sebum comes out if I squeeze them), and I've never been pregnant. Being able to see them is just a variation of normal.
My breasts dont look like womans the nipple is puffy and orange and they look misshaped?
Im 12
you're only 12, you're still growing and your body isn't fully grown yet.
don't worry about it sweety, they'll soon grow into shape just don't think about it and feel good about yourself. :)
How do you know if your breasts have stopped growing?
I'm 14 years old and I started getting a little bit or bigness at age 8 and I stopped growing (heightwise) about 1 year ago. At the moment I fit perfectly in a 36B and my nipples are very puffy. Are my breasts done growing yet?
It varies with each girl. For most women breasts stop growing by the time you are 17/18 years old. And sometimes in between periods or during periods sometimes you'll have swelling and tenderness of the breasts. I used to have that once in a while when I was in my teens. So you should be done by the time you are 18 or so. Mine stopped by the time I was 16 or 17 years old.

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