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All Comments

Does the new Halloween movie have nude in it?
The new movie that just came out . Does it have nude in it. Would like to bring my 12 year old sister to it but not if there,s nude. Thanks
it doesn't even sound like you're old enough to watch an R rated movie let alone bring your 12 year old sister with you.

the correct word is nudity not nude.
Which movie opens with a scene of a nude woman playing cello?
I just remember that: the movie begins with a nude woman playing cello in a bedroom or living room, for a man who's leaning back, watching and listening. (Is the actor Steve Martin?)
The Pianist
Does the movie Twilight have a nude scene?
I've heard that the new tween movie Twilight has a small nude scene part where one of the actresses breasts are shown. I've heard this happens in the opening. Can someone who has seen the movie please clarify. I'm really not willing to pay ten dollars to go see if its true or not. Thank You!
What? Haha no, I saw the movie when it came nudity at Nothing about that in the book either. Strange what goes around!
Is there any nude scenes in the movie Dear John?
I want to see that movie with my boyfriend on valentines day but I don't want to see it with him if theres any nude parts with the girl.
no there is not you just see skin every now and than. but nudity nope! i am sure you will like it better than your bf John has his shirt off A LOT!!!!! ;)
Is there any nude scenes in the movie, last house on the left?
i'm not asking that because i really wanna see it, i'm asking that because i'm planning to go to the movies with my boyfriend tomorrow night and i'll feel uncomfortable if he actually enjoys the naked scenes. so if anyone saw it recently, do you know if there is a nude scene? ill give you best answer=)
you briefly see the victims butt from the side while she is having her shorts puklled down and you see the bad girls **** at the end of the there isnt that much
On Ps3movieshare site what is a good Sex/nude movie?
I just want to know movies, i don't want any other sort of comments please. Thanks!
Sakuran .
Has Kate Winslet ever not been nude in a movie?
Does anyone know if Kate has been in a movie and not taken her clothes off? i mean i love her movies, and not complainin but everything i have watched she is nude. the only actess i know that is as established as her that does this so regularly.

Titanic, Revolutionary Road, the Reader, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, etc......
More often she is not nude.

Pat attention Sean, she is not nude in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Films with nudity.

The Reader
Little Guyren
Holy Smoke
Hideous Kinky
All the King's Men (She was covered)

Films without nudity.

Revolutionary Road
The Holiday
Romance & Cigarettes
Finding Neverland
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Life of David Gale
Plunge: The Movie
Sense and Sensibility
A Kid in King Arthur's Court
Heavenly Creatures
Are there any nude scenes in the 2009 movie Precious?
I want to see it but I want to know if there are any nude scenes so please tell me. Also right if you liked or disliked the movie. :)
No, not really. Some of the scenes (like when she's having a flashback about her father) are a lil graphic, and once scene she's partially exposed when she's feeding her baby, but there's no actual nudity or anything like that.
What is that medieval movie with the nude guy in it?
I remember watching a movie and it had a naked guy in it. Apparently he had is clothes taken away 'cause he was poor. I think there was jousting in it aswell but I don't remember.
A Knight's Tale

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