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Masturbation stories?
where is the best/worst place you've done it. have u been caught???
When it comes to masturbation, im kinda careless. ive gotten caught by my family occasionally, in very awkward ways. But one time when i didnt get caught (and should have been) was in school, during class. i was in the back, and needless to say, rather horny. I unzipped the fly of my jeans and started rubbing against my panties. i figured id just rub myself a little bit, or id get caught. After a while, i went under my panties so i could rub myself with nothing in between. and then i got carried away, and wound up doing it till i came. fortunately, i managed to be very quiet, so i wasnt caught. after that i actually did it several times in that class (i began wearing skirts more often to make this easier.) the closest i ever came to being caught was when i leaned my head back against the wall while doing it. i let my eyes shut, and then my mouth lolled open, and i began breathing heavier. when i came, i gave a very quiet little gasp/moan. This caused several peoples attention to be on me when the chair slipped backwards, i fell on my ***, and my skirt slid down my thighs, revealing my somewhat innappropriate black lace panties that i wear for my boyfriend to the sixty percent male class. My hand being in the same place they were staring at, i just made like i was fixing my skirt. i got in trouble for sleeping during class, and only two guys got a picture of my nether regions on their phones (the pictures stayed there and are not online, so dont ask.) One last thing: i masturbated thru half the year in that class, and i still ended the year with an A!

I wanna hear some!
What are some web sites with "Masturbation Stories" ?
I'm looking for sites like Solo Touch, with lots of stories about masturbation. Please let me know some more. Any help.
Embarassing masturbation stories?
I want to hear about your embarassing masturbation stories. Like running to your parents telling them about it when you were a guy.
Does anyone talk to their parents about masturbation? How old were you when you first started?
I wont tell about this to my parents and no only will tell.

am 27 years.

If you want to know about in detail means send a email to me with your email id.
Where to find great masturbation stories? ?
What website have good masturbation/sex stories?
You may find this helpful ~
Girls Masturbation Stories?
Do u have any embarrassing girl masturbation stories where u were caught? Please describe what you were doing when caught.
hehehe...i just answered a question like this about getting caught masturbating in the shower by my 83 year old gramps, and being heard by my whole family. leme see if i can think of another good one...

Ok, my older sister, whos a freshman in college, has an assortment of sex toys. I on the other hand, am only sixteen and given very little freedom by my puritanical parents, so im left with only my ten lovely fingers.

this one time i needed something more than my delightful digits, so i went into my sisters room and stole this big pink vibrator from her nightstand.

I go back to my room, strip down (i always do that when i masturbate if im alone in the house) and go to town with that thing. I'd never used a dildo before, let alone a vibrator, (and this thing was amazing) so pretty soon i was going nuts.

then i hear a masturbators bane...someone coming home. But i figure if im quiet, ill be left alone. Its my sister, and even better, she has a friend with her. I hear them talking in her room for a while, while im still masturbating and keeping my fist in my mouth to try and keep quiet.

then, just as im cumming, right outside my door, i hear, "hold on, my sister took my vibrator" and my sister bursts in.

Most people would freak out and cover there eyes while they quickly left the room. Instead my sister (with her friend watching) walks over angrily to try and take her dildo---from inside of me. Im super embarrassed, so i try to kick her away. angered by this, she jumps on me and wrestles the thing away from me (and out of me), and actually ends up (accidentally) grinding the dildo deeper and harder into me in the process.

She then storms out, dildo (which by this time is very wet) in hand, leaving the door open and leaving me in my mid-orgasm state for her friend to behold and laugh at.

As icing on the cake, my sister is bi, and that other girl was more than a friend. i heard them going at it for two hours straight.

P.S-Email me one of yours!
Best masturbation stories and techniques?
Boys and Girls.
I like to masturbate by putting a pillow between my legs and rubbing my clitoris against it. I lay on my stomach and straddle the pillow. Then I rub my clitoris against it hard (in the same position as a man having missionary sex with a woman). It gives me AMAZING orgasms and sometimes, I keep going for multiple orgasms. I like to put things between my legs and rub against them--furniture, pillows, anything I can find!
Please tell some masturbation stories...?
boy and girl masturbation stories
it is private
10. Most Embarrassing Masturbation Stories (Got any better)?
10. This weekend is Girlfriend Getaway Weekend...We were at a spa resort somewhere here in Jersey. Sharing stories, you know having a ball hanging with the girls. One of the girls shares a story that actually happen yesterday (Friday) morning My goodness!!! Her girlfriend was anticipating the wait of her husband coming home from a long 2 week Business trip in Japan. She told him she had a big surprise for him....Ok, instead of girlfriend waiting in the car, she decides to go in and wait for him at the GATE, at this particular airport you must go through SECURITY, even to wait.....While going through security the alarm goes off, she then starts to laugh uncontrollable, (you know the procedure) they pull you to the side and check you.....while security begins to check her the alarms is really going off at the bottom area of her body..  

She's laughing hysterically they're not sure what to make of this, so they take her in a room begin to ask her to take off her coat, she confesses that she waiting for her husband and wanted to surprise him, she states that she has nothing on but a lingerie set also she has a butterfly stimulator on, everytime it goes off it makes her buzz!! LOL  
9. I am the mother of a 15-year old son and as most parents know, at this age teenagers would rather spend time alone in their room or with their friends. My son was in his bedroom with the door closed and I thought he was playing video games. He had locked the door but I thought that it was just to keep his sister from coming in and bugging him. I was doing laundry and needed to put his clean clothes away and noticed the door was locked. I grabbed a coat hanger to "unlock" the door like I have done many times and walked right in. To both our embarrassment, he was "getting to know himself" I was surprised but didn't say anything, just turned around and walked out. I was laughing and went into the living room and told my husband and all he could say was "guess you should have knocked". Needless to say, if his door is locked, I just stay away.  

8. Several years ago, I was getting ready for a party, and was all dressed up, since I bite my nails, I had put fake ones on... before I was ready to go out the door, I ended up getting all hot and bothered, so I slipped into a dark quiet room, I think it was a closet, but it, I started going at it, and finished fairly quickly...Later during the party, I noticed my right index and middle fingers nails were missing... I just thought they had fallen off, it wasn't until hours later, after I had gone to the restroom, I finally found them, inside me, now, I NEVER wear fake nails when I'm gonna masturbate...  

7. I think my most embarrassing masturbation story happened 16 years when I was pleasuring myself with my husband (then boyfriend). We were lying on the bed and he was beside me. I had just taught him how to do oral a few weeks before so he was still learning, so to speed things up a bit I decided to touch myself. Well this went on for about 5 minutes or so, finally I came hard as I screamed in pleasure and then I FARTED loud! I was in disbelief. I opened my eyes and there was silence for about a few seconds, and he hesitated because it didn't sink in (he couldn't believe it) and started giggling!  I was embarrassed at first but then I chuckled a little too. I am a fun gal and he still loved me after that; he thought it was cute! LOL.  

6. After my high school graduation, my girlfriend and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas as a gift before entering college. Well, we engaged in some pretty intense sexual positions and took pictures. As a matter of fact, I took a few photographs of her giving me oral. I'm not going to lie, the pictures were extremely explicit. Here is where it gets embarrassing... Well, before I left for college, I hid the pictures in between my mattress, because who would really look there? Well, I was away at college (about 7 1/2 hours away) with no transportation and my parents decided to tell me they were buying a house in Florida. WEll! My mom packed up my room, and yes, she found my stash of not so pleasant photographs. I was mortified when I found out my mom packed my whole room up, I can only imagine how far her mouth dropped when she saw them!! Sorry about her bad luck.  

5. I took some pictures while my fiance' did the deed. It was erotic and sort of living out a little fantasy. I helped him out orally. But it was all caught on camera. I had these pictures of him satisfying himself. One of our older guyren found some of the shots on the computer. Talk about embarrassing. How horrifying!!! They're all off the computer now.  

4. I have a webcam and can be a very bad girl with it. One evening I was masturbating in front of it because I like to see myself sometimes and I don't have a convenient mirror. All of a sudden a guy friend of mine started viewing. He obviously hadn't been expecting to see me like that! I'd had a crush on him for a while, but I'd never made a move or anything. It was definitely a surprise! He still hasn't let me live it down.  

3. When it comes to this topic, I don't think anyone can beat me. My freshmen year of college me and three of my friends came home to all stay at his parents house. That Friday night we were out to a bar and ran into a girl I had a high school crush on for years! The next day I woke up to an empty house and a computer screen that said, "You wouldn't wake up, we went to the mall." I got up and showered, with the image of my crush on my mind. It had been a few weeks since I had gotten the chance to release tension. Getting out of the shower I did notice his sisters had a lot of lotion in the bathroom. I went right to it and I thought I was being quiet. But then the house was empty so what did I care? Right??? Well my built tension resulting in a fountain like finish that got me in the eye (Damn those PC muscle exercises!) So I got dressed, came out of the bathroom to find my friends, his mother AND my Crush! Just happened they ran into her at the mall talked me up and all came back so we could do something with her and her friends. I walked out of the door rubbing my left eye and they busted up laughing! What a way to make a good impression. Strangely enough was kinda turned on by it and helped me out later that night.  

2. I have an incredibly embarrassing masturbation story for you! A few years ago, I was a single mom and my boyfriend lived in another state...we would often talk on the phone, and sometimes have pretty passionate phone sex and masturbate for one another. One night we wanted to do this, but I had a houseful of pre-teens and no place to be alone, so I got in my car and drove to an empty church parking lot up the street. I live in a very small town and the parking lot was dark and sort of surrounded by trees. Anyway, I was in the front, seat reclined, feet up on dash, my shorts and panties off, getting myself very worked up with my boyfriend on the phone. I was pretty oblivious to everything and on the edge of a very loud orgasm when something penetrated my consciousness...  

I opened my eyes to see headlights shining in my window! I threw the phone down, quickly grabbed my shorts off the floor and pulled them on just as a local police officer walked up to my window. He shined a flashlight into the car and looked at me. My face was burning with embarrassment when he asked me if I was okay. "Yes officer, I'm fine, just talking on the phone..." He just smiled, sort of chuckled and walked away... I looked down and saw the 2 most embarrassing things ever... not only were my shorts on noticeably BACKWARDS ...but my panties were hanging off the gearshift!! I started laughing so hard I couldn't even talk, but when I finally was able to explain to my boyfriend...well, let's just say we didn't leave things unfinished!  

1. I finally have an outlet for sharing my most mortifyingly embarrassing masturbation story! I've never told a soul, and whenever it comes to mind, 30 years later, I still blush a furious red and give an involuntary giggle.  

I was pregnant and having a procedure that required an overnight stay in a semi-private hospital room. The combination of naturally high hormone levels of a pregnancy and the oxygen used during the procedure made for some highly vivid dreams- starring me, of course, and featuring my spectacularly handsome honeybun. The orgasm was so exquisitely intense that it woke me and I found myself wide awake, panting in the darkened room, tangled in a sweat-dampened mass of bed linens.  

It was then I heard a little cough from the bed on the other side of the curtain. Oh my we go again...the blush and giggle.…
Years ago when I was about 16 we got our first video camera. Alone in the house over school holidays I decided to video myself getting off to see what it looked like. It was no great porno movie that was for sure but it was excplicit and showed me going through my whole repetoire, including using my moms Hitachi Magic Wand massager on myself. When I was finished watching the tape back in the home VCR I rewound it and taped over with some TV programme. Later My mother came to see me in my room with the tape in her hand. I had apparently not realised the tape only rewound until the counter got to a specific point and not until all the tape had fully rewound. This ment that several minutes of my play were still on the tape and that was what my mother had just found while looking for a scratch tape to record a programme on. I was shaken to say the least. I was not told off or lectured at but the tone was to be more careful and keep such things private (which was more than fair). To this day I don't know exactly how much I left on the take or if my moth watched it all but one thing that makes me thing she sar a fair bit was the fact she gave me an Hitachi soon after and if she got the idea from me using hers then se saw maybe 30 minutes of my scene. I wish that tape was still around in a way as I'd love to see myself in the not so innocence of youth from my perspective as a 40 something mum.
Got any funny masturbation's mine?
ok so i was in my room "enjoying" myself. and my dog walks in. it was kind of weird because he was just staring at me, but i couldn't just stop. then all the sudden he jumps on top of me and starts humping me!

do you have any funny stories?
so i automatically stopped and pushed him off and he just jumped right back on me

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