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Manga Girls?
Do you guys find Manga Girls hot ?

I find them so even though i hate cartoons

your opinions
Seems to me, the style makes it very difficult to not do so.
Actually, really good artists tend to be the only ones that can make the characters looks like normal people.
But I don't think your opinion on cartoons has anything to do with it. you probably dislike the content of cartoons more than the actual visual, and liking manga drawings is very akin to appreciating a painting of an attractive woman, or a photo.
What is it called when those anime/manga girls pull down there eye and go "Buuuuh?"?
What is it called when those anime/manga girls pull down there eye and go "Buuuuh?" to make fun of someone or be teasing? Or/and can you find me some pictures of anime/manga girls doing that?
Usually in anime's they do it to someone they are mad at or having a fight with.
You know how in anime and manga, girls get groped on the train?
You know how in anime and manga, girls get groped on a crowded train or bus? Does that really happen in Japan? Because it happens a lot in anime and manga. So i was just wondering.
It happens, and it's not uncommon. There's even a name for the men, they're called " chikan ". It's becoming less common as the girls/ women have started to fight back. This will bring shame to the man and his family. During busy times they have women only train cars.
Why do anime/manga girls get the nosebleed?
I understand what is up with the boys getting the nosebleed... (the blood's rushing to the big head instead of the small one) but why do girls get it in anime and manga?

If it's just because the nosebleed is a cliche then it'd make sense, but I was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on the matter
Can't girls get aroused? It's just I have never SEEN a girl get a nosebleed, save for when she was getting the snot beaten out of her. Can you point me in a direction?
What race of people are manga girls based off?
I'd assume the japanese, but I don't think so, they look more like cute american girls.
The style is really american, but the mannerisms are fully japanese
Girls manga magazines that are sold in america?
I read shonen jump because i like boy's manga more than girls. but i also want to read some girl anime magazines. I heard that Shojo beat stopped allowing subscribers. so what are some that I can subscribe to in america, and where can i get them?
I actually looked into this awhile ago, and sadly, it seems that most American manga magazines have stopped publication, period. The only shoujo one that lasted most recently was Shoujo Beat, but as you know it's been discontinued.

The best I can suggest is Yen Plus, which offers a mix of genres, but it exists solely via online.
Does anyone know a good site where i can learn to draw manga girls?
I know how to draw all the other stuff but i just can't quite get the girls right. Please offer good answers.

Here's a tutorial from a published manga artist.…

In general girls are draw much the same way as guys, except they have more slender frames, bigger eyes, and of course curves. To draw the chest, make an upside down triangle like you would for a boys and then stick a dot in the center and draw an x through the dot and the two corners of the triangle that make up the shoulders. The ends of the x that aren't touching the shoulder are where her chest goes. Make the rest of the triangle her stomach. Hope this helps. ^_^
Is it better for people to learn to draw manga girls first then manga guys?
I've only been drawing for 7 months and I've been focusing even more on guys. actually only on guys, and now I'm wondering if I was better off learning girls first then guys. I'm probably still gonna do draw guys (btw this focuses on teen years and I'm not some yaoi perv...) but it's just a quick question of curiosity.
I always found drawing women in manga harder, so I would heavily reccomend working on that first.
Why in anime/manga girls punch the boys as a joke ?
The drawing changes and the boy flies away as they get punched which is faking. (I don't even
what to call that because the girl is very weak and the boy is so strong with super powers, he can't
even get hurt at all)
I mean it's not funny. How come girls be all mean and boys don't attack back ?
because only a holes hit girls and it use as a transtion point to the girl like the boy.
Why do anime/manga girls always seem to have ENORMOUS thighs?
I've always noticed this and finally decided to put this question up for others... I understand that proportions are usually out-of-whack in anime/manga- but this? Idk. It seems redundant and a bit annoying. If someone could come up with at least a theory, I'd be much obliged.
Thighs - is that the most disproportionate female body part you've noticed in anime...?
As for a theory - I'm guessing it's, as usual, because the largest segment of watchers are teen and young males, so it might act as a fanservice knack.

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