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My daughter lives in Oahu and is getting married there. We all live in NJ. Can I have a shower here w/out her?
We could use a web cam so she could be "present"
You should talk to your daughter about it. If she thinks it would be fun, go for it. If she thinks it's awkward, drop it, or see if you can plan a shower for a time when she will be visiting you.
If somebody keeps urging you to have a shower does that mean they have planted a web cam in your bathroom.....?
........with a live feed to a website and are trying to make money of your god like Greek Adonis body?
id like to live in your brain for a day lol
How to tactfully say no to a baby shower?
My husband and I live out of state in regards to his relatives. I just got an email request from his sister-in-law that she wants to throw me a baby shower (over a web cam). Cute, Creative, and Thoughtful. However, this is our 2nd guy, also our 2nd girl. I think it may be her effort for us to become close. I just don't know how to respond back. Should I let her do it even though I think it's awkward to have a shower for a 2nd guy, non the less the same sex as our first? (Also keep in mind I kept everything so there isn't anything we really need either)
Maybe have a diaper shower via webcam... if she wants to throw it, let her. Surely you need diapers. And no one feels angered about a diaper shower for a second guy. It will be cute.
Know any creative baby shower ideas for this situation?
My SIL lives in Florida and is due to have her first baby at the end of September. All of her family & friends live in Michigan. She can't come up here and we can't go down there for a shower.

She is in a rough spot financially and I would really like to have a baby shower for her and help her out with some of the things she needs most.

I though of getting everyone together and having web cams going on each end so that she could "be there" lol - What else can you guys come up with that would let her feel like she had a shower and get her the stuff she needs?

1 more "gotcha" - She doesn't have a car, so gift cards would be difficult because she can't haul a crib etc on the bus.....We'd have to have things shipped to her.

Have te party in Michigan. Register her @ a store that ships (Amazon, BabiesRus etc) and set the date for when everything has arrived and maybe she can even set it up.
Make the webcam work for a little while so she can converse with the folks there.
Be specific on the gifting..and make sure she is registered at one store so there are no duplicates.
Its nice of you to orchestrate this!
How many ladies who are engaged dont know what fingure to put it back on? Or an excuse for hiding an affair?
I am just generalising here, my fiance' is oversea's (middle east) for 12 months working in a holiday resort, she is the secretary of administration.

Since she has been gone we often use IM live cam to keep contact, we can see & talk to each other two or three times a week, one day she had finished work & on IM I noticed no ring, she said she forgot to put it on after her shower, then the following week it was on her right hand fingure, again her explanation was she forgot what fingure/hand it went on after 4 months of being engaged?

I often see her shared photo's of her & friends, & she is more often not wearing it?

Now the other day she had been to a staff party, for the afternoon/evening, I sent her text messages but unusually I got no reply? I spoke to her on IM last night, she was very insistant that she did not have the time to send me a reply? She refuses to explain to me why, & says its her own secret!?

What are your thoughts, I am confused & ready to pull the pin.
That's weird. I'd ask her about it. Just ask why in a lot of pictures, it's not on. By the way, it's finger...not fingure. Ask her how she could forget what finger it's on when you two have been engaged for 4 months.
Does anyone know anything about Emhouse Elementry in Corsicana,TX?
I cam across this on the inernet:
Corsicana - Emhouse - Emhouse School - This is an old school house that was closed in the early 1950's. It is a small two story building located in Emhouse, outside of Corsicana. Witnesses have seen lights on in the inside (the building has no electricity) go off. They have seen apparitions. All the desks, chalkboards, chalk, and pencils where left in the school from when it closed. Even the shower curtains from the showers where still there.

Now I live in Corsicana on weekdays because I attend the college there and I have drove past this school, its completely boarded up and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it like why was it closed?? Why do people say its haunted and dont want to talk about it?? Serious answers only please.
Actually, this was a high school in Emhouse. Here is a link to an article written by the grandson of one of the FOUR graduates from the class of 1957.

No mention of a haunting, but you might be able to contact the author for further info.
What guy would rather watch sex than have sex with his significant other?
One of my ex's and I use to watch live sex web cams. It started off watching together as a way just doing something different, then I found out he was watching by himself when he was alone or staying up late at night when I had gone to bed. I felt cheated as our sex life waned. I would try wearing sexy lingere, hoping in the shower other stuff to get his attention but he would say he was too tired, sore from work or not in the mood. I would then find out that he would go online and watch other women.

Was I right to feel cheated? and to end the relationship when he wouldn't stop? He use to say he only wanted me but he also liked looking, and sometimes he just wanted to look and not have sex.

I never understood why would a guy rather to look at someone else having sex than have actual sex with his partner who wanted too and was willing to try new things?

Guys please explain
You did the right thing for sure!!! Try not to feel bad about it, it wasn't you, it was his problem. You should go on with your life & find someone that deserves you. You were willing to make him happy, if he didn't want that, there is a man out there that will. He's probably looking for you now!
I have kind of a crazy question. Long. From before Thanksgiving?
my husband works long and crazy hours. We have not really spent time together since before the holidays. Over the holidays, every weekend and the week of Christmas his guyren from a prvious marriage were with us, his mother has been with us for a month. I have not had 10 minutes alone with him for this period of time. Almost three months. Quickies in the shower is all, at night he is tired. I received a pair of boots from him for Christmas, his guyren of course got over $2k worth of things, his mother got a diamond ring and a digital camera. I have busted my tail cooking, entertaining and dong laundry for them. New years eve his 17 year old daughter hung all over him and sat with him all night, at midnight I think I got the 5th kiss from him. I know that these people have a large part in his life, I feel like the outcast and like he doesn't rate me anywhere compared to them.....obviously I am sad. He looks at live web porn cams when ever he has the chance...instead of
Start acting like a hooker. Make him jealous. Start flirting with other guys and make him realize that is is missing out on you. It's like a subtle slap across the head.
What If Rain Spoils The Semi?
Showers expected all day long with some sun.

Here's a live cam link for the avid fans to keep track of the weather!…
Hope that that foolish method of D/L will not be applied anymore in this shorter version of cricket. It is very much injustice for one team.

Thank you very much!
What time do you feed your guyren? is it set or does it rotate?
We are incredibly early risers and typically eat breakfast before six, so we are making lunch before noon and dinner is around 430 to five, and there's often a snack before bed like a frozen pizza. Every family is different, how do you do meals? Is it make it yourself when you are hungry? Or ill make it when I get a minute? Do you all sit together at every meal? We only sit at the big table at dinner. Lunch is eaten at the bar and beakfast is eaten in the living room during pbs time (so I cam shower. I know I cheat) what's your mealtime like?
Breakfast is around 8am, lunch is 12pm, dinner is 5-6pm, we also just eat snacks throughout the day, sometimes it's a banana, other times its maybe a granola bar or yogurt, we only sit together for dinner and I sometimes miss it due to working evenings, so my husband and the guys will eat together and ill just grab something when I get home, for breakfast we eat where ever, im usually at the computer desk, my daughter is on the couch, my son as well, dinner it;s usually me and my son and we eat in the living room, dinner is always at the table

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