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Christine Young
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Lesbian 4some including Christine Young and erotic toys
lesbian erotic stories
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Where can I go to get really good stud lesbian erotic stories?
You know like butch girl stories. Like femme and butch. Stories like that. Thanks!!!
I like lesbian erotic stories...am i gay?
i enjoy reading erotic stories about lesbians, but thats all. i don't enjoy actuallyl watching porn with lesbians, and i love having sex with men, and ive never been attracted to a woman in that way. is there just a curious side to me or am i gay?
Much of the lesbian erotica is extremely well written - and by women. It comes from the female perspective and is a window into women's desires, wants and needs.

So it is only logical that women would find it stimulating. Women have magnificent imaginations and, in these stories, the woman can chose which role she prefers.

Much of the port is done by men, so it is made to stimulate men and their fantasies. So it is only logical that many women are not turned on by it.

Being turned on by gay erotica or porn does not make one gay. I posit that it means the voyeur has a great imagination.

So, explore away. It will make you better in the bedroom - because you will know what turns you on and what you would like to try.
Where can i find lesbian erotic stories about mila kunis?
strait stories are ok too
if u dont know who she is shes jacky from that 70s show
I Wanna know too!!!!!!
I always thought she was hot. haha
top 5 for sure.
Does anyone know of a website with good/not so raunchy erotic lesbian stories?
I've been looking around but keep stumbling upon...flat out raunchy ones. lol yeah, i prefer the more soft and sensual themed. thanks in advance!
I visit literotica.com. Some are raunchy. Some, are sensual and soft. It's really hit or miss, though. I can't usually tell until I get into the story.

I do understand, though. It's hard to find something that doesn't sound like a man's fantasy. bleh
Can you please send me lesbian stories (not links - and not erotic)...?
please send me lesbian stories.. i have already asked this question but they keep giving me links...

it would be nice its from experience or just make up stories..

actually im working in a call center and i cannot open up any website except for this.. so it would be nice to read nice LONG stories.. :)

Get a life!

Then you won't be so desperate for stories about ours!
Lesbian erotic story idea
i got a story idea about a married mom, mid 30's to mid 40's, who gets seduced by a younger woman who's in her early 20's. the younger woman gradually corrupts the mom by having her doing things she wouldn't normally do, like clubbing or going to parties, etc. at the same time the mom is conflicted about what she's doing, her sexuality, her feelings, and at how she keeps falling for the younger woman. the thing i can't solve are reasons why the mom gets seduced; like trouble at home, husband comes home late from work, husbands focus shifted from wife to work, etc.

also what kind of personality should the younger woman have because i've got a few drawn up but i can't decide. i'm leaning towards a bad girl personality but i can't decide if she should be a ghetto bad girl or the bad girl next door who's playing a nice girl.
make her like a bad girl...the story sounds interesting, id get it. lol...but I wouldn't want to hear a bunch of cussing and racial slurs in the mist of it. Like a total G taking over the woman and changing everyhtng about her...But you can make the girl be black and have the best figure and the woman just loves to have the companion to talk to and understand her feelings...and then they both get some together. ;)
Does anyone know anyone that buys erotic stories?
I can write lesbian,bi,and straight erotica. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
Women with too much make up and smell like tuna.
Sharing lesbian fantasies with an 17 years old boy?
I’m a straight 29 years old woman. He is 17 but he writes very good lesbian erotic stories and I get “sensitive” when reading. We never met, we just talk via messenger. He encouraged me to write lesbian erotica and we change stories. There is also a 20 years old bisexual girl who is also sharing fantasies and a 35 years old lesbian in the “online club” and she is sharing lesbian experiences. But the boy writes the best stories. The younger girl is the most open, she already told him that she is touching herself reading his stories.
Is it wrong what we do? I mean he is just 17. Is it wrong for us to talk with him about women having sex with women and sharing our lesbian fantasies?
Do also other people stuff like that?
if all engaged consent, it's ok.
Legally, you should most likely NOT send such novels to him, yet.. c'mon. What 17yo man had not had fantasies about lesbians.
If you look at lesbian porn and read sexy erotic lesbian stories and they both turn you on are you a lesbian?
No...It doesn't mean you are a lesbian at all...
Maybe you are just turned on by the thought of 2 girls having sex...
Maybe you are bi-curious, which simply means you want to try hooking up with a girl...
Maybe you are BI...which means you're into both genders...which is wonderful!
Maybe you are a closet lesbian, and you don't even know it...but this is unlikely!

Don't stress...every type of porn turns girls on, trust me, there have been studies done, we get turned on by almost anything! We are more horny then guys haha

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