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All Comments

Why are people so confused about lesbian sex? Lesbians have all sex (fellatio, anal, intercourse, oral).....?
Since lesbians have every kind of sex available to mankind, why is everyone always saying they need dental dams? How about condoms? Lesbians use lots of condoms but nobody tells young people this when they are looking for safe sex info.
Yes, this is so true!

There should definitely be more educated Lesbians in the world.

The only way to make the public more accepting and aware of the situation is for lesbians to start making out in public on a regular basis.

I myself am very accepting of lesbian and even more so Bisexual-lesbian culture.

I'm always eager to get involved in this movement myself where ever possible. :)

Good luck in your education campaign! :)
How come lesbians are grossed out by anal sex and that is what gay men do?
It really seems that gays are not really that accepting of one another, maybe they just call it preference. You know, like femmes who do not like butches and think that they are too pushy.
Because lesbians are lesbians, and gay men are gay men.

And never the twain shall meet.
Lesbians and anal sex?
I'm a guy.my ex girl friend is having strap on sex with another girl. The girl only as anal sex with her. Is there a reason for this? Is this common?
yeah i had a girl for a wile who pretty much only like anal

the reason was that anal was the only way she could ***
I am a transgender male who wants to have a woman use a strap on to have anal sex with me?
Rember that when i would be having anal sex i would be dressed and acting as a woman so am i therefore a lesbian?
I'm a little bit confused, transgendered male usually means from female to male but i'm not sure that's what you mean here?

Either way it does not matter, pre or post transition you may identify as gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, pansexual or any other kind of orientation, it is completely fine and normal.
Why are people obsessed with male anal sex on here and shoehorn it in on a religious context?
I've never seen lesbians mentioned. Or damned to hell.

And gay men seem to be portrayed and evil demons who don't have a normal life their existence is just sticking their bits in other men.

Anal sex between men isn't the be-all-and-end-all of homosexuality. Love, intimacy, companionship, etc., all the other things that come into normal relationships enter into it too. As well as normal life, including religion.

Why are they portrayed as sex monsters very frequently?
Not me.

Romans 1:24-27
Curiosity about gay and lesbian sex?
This is not a judgement in any way. I dont have any gay friends or family so I dont have anyone to ask. I am wondering how are gay couples intamate? I would assume that the men give each other oral sex and have anal sex. How do they decide who recieves the anal sex and who gives or do they trade out? And ouch, doesnt that hurt? And for women, I would assume that they also give oral sex to each other (I did experiment with that when I was younger and unmarried) and I guess they use sex toys. Anyways, Im just curious about a subject that I really know nothing about. Anyone want to inform me?
Most relationships have a "top" or a "bottom" and some people consider themselves "versatile" (either/or). The terms Catcher and Pitcher also apply, just use your imagination, versatile still applies for this relationship also.

Does it hurt? Only the first few times. The sphincter muscles are round muscles that constrict and expand, and loosen after a few minutes of foreplay. Kissing is usually of paramount importance in gay relationships, much as in straight relationships.

Then foreplay comes in, with necking, kissing and fondling, the same as with straight sex. Then comes the "oral sex" which some like more than others and some prefer to give more than receive. It all depends on the individuals involved. Once it moves beyond the foreplay stage, it moves to the bedroom . . .

Then you take a condom and lubricant and well, place the condom on and lubricate the "bottoms" err, you know, lol, meanwhile keeping up with foreplay. Most prefer the missionary position to see their lovers face and expression during sex. Also aiding in kissing and further foreplay and whispers. Then you have sex and . . . thanks to the PROSTRATE men feel pretty great when taking it from behind. Rubbing the prostrate can make a man orgasm.
Why do some people associate anal sex with being gay?
A lot of times when I see a hateful comment about gays in this section, or when I hear one from other people, usually the term is "fudge packer", or someone will say "Butt f*ckers/ing are/is gross" or something to that effect. I'm a lesbian, and I don't have anal sex, and I don't plan on it. So why do some people associate being homosexual to ONLY anal sex? And not only that, seem to be overly concerned with having a problem with it? I guess this goes back to other questions about why some people don't have a problem with lesbians, but think gay men are perverted.
And I know a lot of gay men who do little or no anal sex. Not all gay men like it, or even do it for their partner's sake. But it seems to be what they THINK we're all doing in our spare time, so ????

It's also something they really can't get from a woman. A woman can give oral almost as well as a man (OK, maybe just as well, if she really WANTS to). So what can a guy give a guy that a woman can't? Anal! In my younger and less responsible days, I used to cat around on-line, and hooked up frequently. Often the guys I got with were married or otherwise involved. Invariably, what they wanted was to be anal bottom! So maybe it's the curiosity (even if they never want to find out) about receiving anal that makes them assume that we're all doing it 24/7.
Do lesbians like anal more than straight girls?
In watching porn it seems to me that lesbians always have a little anal sex in every movie even if it's just *** licking, has anyone else picked up on this?
Porn does not depict real life Most lesbians in porn aren't even lesbians they just do sex acts that guys like to see it doesn't mean that most lesbians are doing it in real life .
I've met a lot of lesbians online and no anal is not very popular with them some of them but not all of them .
Is it just the anal sex that's the sin that Christians are so concerned with?
Yet... apparently it's an abomination "to be" a bi-sexual or gay man?

I mean.... does the stigma thats attached to male bi-sexuality stem from people's ignorance of what actually happens with male/male contact? So.. if you surveyed 100 people of the general public on what they thought bisexual/gay men get up to.. the majority would immediately mention anal sex as the first thought.... The "sin" called sodomy. The other enjoyable activities kind of get ignored for that one thing.... yet inumerable bi and gay men don't like or indulge in anal sex.

So bi-sexual/lesbian women get a free hit and move forward three spaces whereas Bi-sexual men go directly to hell .... do not pass go .... do not collect $200?

What are your thoughts on this.....
My God and Goddesses,

What have I stumbled onto here. People quoting scripture and going Gog shall, God Demands.... lets get on our crosses and have a whine.

As a strong Catholic who was considering priesthood and studied quiet indepth the real people and philosophies in the bible GO AND GET SOME PERSPECTIVE PEOPLE. It is all a really good story based on people based both in fact and fiction with way different stories than the ones you read on the net.

First of all let me answer your question. As the Mighty Bible states, and I use the term Mighty very losly, ANY SEX unless in the union of marriage is wrong. This not only include our friends who like same sex relations it also includes us hetrosexuals who engage in sex outside of marriage.

Secondly you read the bible long and harf enough you can see where you can get around the homosexual, bisexual and hetrosexual sex before Marriage. The New Testament God is meant to be all forgiving so f**k it love life enjoy your partners multiple, same, different and naughty and on your death bed be truly SORRY you will be forgiven, The quotes you recieved to your question were all old Testi quotes and that was the nasty, vengeful f**k you God, the one who killed Sodom and Gamora for enjoying your free choice.

Thirdly on free choice.... If you have free choice which is stated in the bible and quoted many a time in movies about God and involving him is it not a sin to go against your free choice and choose a partner of your choice for sex of any type.

Fourthly I say screw it. If you live the best life you can believing in God, Gods or Goddess in any way you can and be the best person, partner, parent, friend etc that you then aren't you not following God's design laid lout for us in the bible?

I say go for it mate because the bible she is a book full of cunundrums and you will get the answer you want if you read deep enough into it and the history of all the characters in it.

To finish remember Devils Advocate with Keanu Reeves and the best Satan I have ever seen Al Pacino. The quote goes.... "feel, but do not touch, Touch but taste and so on and so forth. Listen to that and then you will understand the real life relevance to not just following your heart......

If anal sex is the primary sexual function of gay men, then why do some deny it or lie about it?
Some gays claim that 25-30% of gay men do not engage in anal sex and are repulsed by it. Most lesbians do not engage in anal sex and are repulsed by it. So, what is up with that?
Anal sex is just another way for people (gay or straight) to enjoy themselves. It's not liked by everyone and not all gay men do it.

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