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What do girls (women) prefer: to be tied up wearing high heels or to be tied up barefoot?
I have been playing sexual bondage games with my wife and with quite a few girlfriends before her, and did not find an answer to this; my personal preference is to have them tied (hogtied) barefoot. But it seems that wearing high heels in this situation is a bigger turn-on for some girls.
I like to tie up my wife wearing heels or boots, but then take them off her when she is helpless and suck on her bare soles and toes. The combo of slowly removing her shoes and then the tongue bath drives her crazy. Sometimes she will wear old nylons and I will rip them to sheds as part of the game too. After she is barefoot, I like to put the toe cuffs on her. It's such a turn on for both of us.
For women into hogtie bondage?
have you ever escaped a hogtie? if so how long did it take? how did you do it step by step my gf has tried so many things but just cant :)
I once managed to escape from a rope hogtie, but only because my BF made a mistake tying the hogtie. After that, he bought a proper bondage hogtie that locks in place. I've never managed to escape from that one.

If you're worried about her getting free and you want to be sure that she's totally secure, either buy a proper restraint, or else be very careful how you tie it. You might also consider making her put her hands together and wrapping them in duct tape to deny her the use of her fingers.
Women, I asked my girlfriend what her perfect night in would be and said I'd arrange it for her!Romantic?
She looked at me smiling and said her perfect night would be me hogtied and gagged for two hours so she could have the remote and watch tv in peace!!

What are women like at knots??? lol
That was very romantic. Her response was pretty funny.
For all women in a relationship with a man, answer truthfully.?
When they wont shut up..........to gag or not to gag, that is the question. lol :)
Would it be wrong to hogtie them for an hour? What about putting a sweaty sock in their mouths? Its only for an hour!! lol
I say yeah put a sock in it, When my husband just keep going at it, I just leave the room.
Bondage enthusiasts, what is the sexiest position to see a woman bound and gagged?
1)Chair Tied
2) Spreadeagled
4)Standing, hands above head
I just love chair ties- for both men and women.

I'm also a fan of anything that has women either standing or kneeling with their arms behind their back or above their heads and behind them.
Do I have an evil subconscious?
I has playing red dead redemption and I hogtied a woman and has torturing her and then I noticed I got hard
Sometime due to inadvertence or ignorance, people may get peculiar imaginations, which may be unintentional on many occasions.
What is the law on an officer using "fighting words" to incite a potential arrestee?
I am looking for a specific law in Texas, that states that an officer can not use "fighting words" to incite a potential arrestee into disturbing the peace or resisting arrest. My step father had just found out minutes before that my mother was diagnosed with cancer. he rode his bike to the corner store and saw a police officer heckling a homeless woman, the officer told him to mind his business and when my step dad said that he had just found out about my mom to leave him alone, the officer told him "i dont care if your wife is ******* dying" this upset my dad and he told him that that was not appropriate to say. needless to say he was hogtied and arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. any helpful ideas?
Sorry about your mom.

The officer's conduct was not the best, but your stepdad's action was inappropriate also. The officer asked him to step back and he did not. He could also be charged with interfering with official duty. The officer should have been reported to a superior or vidoe taped, but your stepdad does not have the right to interfere in his duties.

Talk with the prosecutor on this case and see if it can be dismissed with an explanation from your stepdad. Ideally, he should send a letter of apology to the officer and request that the case be dismissed.

Do understand that under the law, he was starting problems. There are proper ways to report inappropriate police conduct. Always follow the instruction of an armed police officer.
Why is my wife mad at me when it was not my fault?
We have been married for 5 years. She is a beautiful woman and while our marriage is not perfect, i do love her. I work a very demanding/on call job, and was paged to go into work one night. We had planned on watching a DVD that night and spending quality time and she asked me not to go just once. I never call off, and love my job, so i told her that i had to, and she was quite upset. We ended up arguing, and i slammed the door and drove off.
I end up getting out of work at about 4am, and home by 4:30am, and make my way into the house. Everything is in diisaray, and i figure she just threw things around, kind of trashed the place in a temper tantrum fit. I go upstairs to the bedroom to confront her, and to my astonishment, she is lying on the bed, bound and gagged. It turns out, while i was working, 2 men and a woman robbed our home. She said it happened around 3am, that she woke up to bright flashlights shining in her eyes, was lead around the house to show where valuables were and give pin numbers, than taken back upstairs by one of the men and the woman, hogtied and gagged. That is, she was made to lie on her stomach, her wrists were tied behind her back, her ankles were bound together, knees bent, writsts tied to ankles. They had used cloth and duct tape to gag her, and it took me a good long while to uuntie her, the police had already come and i was still working on it.
She blames me for having gone to work that night. She feels that i had abandoned her/failed to protect her. I think this is absurd and she needs to get over it. Looking for any advice or opinions. Thanks.
I advise you to stop trolling on M&D
What is the most often used bondage position?
I mean is it tied spread eagle-or is it hogtied--and hwy does it make the woman look sexier when she is wearing high heels
depends. Spread Eagle gives a lot of access. Hogtied is pretty restricting. There's also tied to a pole, suspended (which can also be a hogtie variation), tied over a table (which is a modified spread eagle), simple handcuffed.

I would imagine that spread eagle is used more, just in that it makes it easier to do paddling, whipping, or things like that.
Is the love between a woman and an inanimate object so wrong?
I fell in love with the scale at my doctors office today, i immediately proposed, and when i tried to take it with me, they asked me to put it down and never come back.
When i insisted it was a mutual love they bopped me upside the head with it and hogtied me with those fancy gowns.
Tell me, is it so wrong to love inanimate objects?
battery operated toys are inanimate, right?

Then No, its not wrong

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