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Gay teenager?
The questions is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,What do you do if you think your teen is gay? And you think morally and religiously it's wrong. And you have raised them it's wrong. Especially when their too young to know what love is any ways. How would you deal with your guy?
My family and I have dealt with this problem not with just me, but also other members of our family.

If you think your teen is gay, maybe try talking to them.. I know that most teens are petrified of telling their parents that they are gay.. it might take a load off their chest if you recognize this, and then talk to them calmly about it, showing that you will love them no matter what.

As for morally and religiously being wrong, you just have to accept it, odds of them deciding that they aren't gay, are slim to none. It's your teen, you should love them unconditionally and tell them that you support them no matter what they feel. Many agree that you are born gay, you don't just pick it.. which if you're Christian, you aren't going to believe, but then also think, gays have a hard life.. constant hate crimes being acted out against them and etc., why would they CHOOSE to be like that?

Being to young to love, and knowing your sexual orientation is two different things. Love doesn't necessarily have to be involved when you are figuring out what you are attracted to.

But basically if I suspected my teen of being gay I would
1. Talk to them about it, and even see if that is really what they are. It could just be a feminine boy or a tomboy girl.. it does happen.. quite often actually.
2. Make sure that they know that you love them, that you support them. It might take time for you to feel this way, but you need to come to that place, so you can be there for them. Otherwise it'll just cause a distance for you and your guy.
3. If they are gay, maybe find a support group for gay youth around you.. Not a Christian gay youth group that's aimed at making gays straight.. but just a group where he can talk, and know that he/she isn't the only one feeling those feelings.
4. Make sure to keep your relationship with him/her a open one.. that way he/she can always talk to you if he/she needs to.. If you don't accept him/her being gay.. odds are he/she wont come to you if he/she ever needs help.

That's just what I think.. hope that helps, and hope it works out for you and your teen.
Gay Teenager?
Please help I think I may be gay. I just need to know are there any other fourteen year old gays in Los Angeles. Please help what do i do.. How do I tell me parents? and r there sites?
I am not personally a gay teenager in LA, although I can give you some information.

If you believe you are gay, chances are.. that is the case. I am glad that you have been able to talk with us about it! I have a male relative who lives in LA.. who is gay, and has come out to everyone about it. He had a wonderful experience in coming out.. and is currently with a long-term partner.

Although it is not always the case that people take such news well, if it makes you feel comfortable.. it is very important that you do what is in your heart and tell those who you wish. There are so many websites out there with information and advice, that I could fill an entire page.. but here are a few.……

You are definitely not alone! Many boys and girls realize this around your age.. and it is something to be happy with.. you have a true understanding of yourself, and that is to be admired.

*hugs* and best wishes!!
What is the name of a good book talking about a gay teenager?
Im trying to find a book that talks about a teenager just living in life and the book just shows what hes feeling and how he deals with who he likes. I want it to be an actual book. LIke a story not a documentary.
"The Trouble with Emily Dickenson" by Lyndsey D'Arcangelo. I think it is about a lesbian relationship instead of guys, though.
What is the name of the movie with the gay teenager?
I haven't seen it yet. But he is teased or something, and his mother hates his being gay, but when he dies she becomes an LGBT advocate?
Twilight? Are you talking about Edward?
Spanish film about a gay teenager having sex in public bathrooms?
It's about a male teenager who has random sex in public bathrooms with other males, and his family has no idea. His father hires an English teacher (a male), to help his son learn English, because he was going to New York. Finally, the parents catch him and the teacher having sex. Does anyone happen to know the title of this short film?

I think it's a film made in Spain.
I don't know but there are some good gay Spanish films out there.
How do you go about having "the talk" with your gay teenager?
Recently my eldest son came out to my husband and I. We totally support and respect him. We've already discussed sex with him before but we feel like we may need to go into a bit more depth considering he sexual orientation. Not a lot is out there for gay teens in the way of sexual education and we want to make sure he is informed and making the best possible decision regarding his health, safety and personal life.

Has anyone been through this before? Any suggestions on where to look or how to start?
I didn't get a gay talk. Chance are if he knows hes gay, he knows all about gay sex, risks etc.
My mom did get me a book about HIV and I laughed. I'm sure you can find him some books.
How do you cope with a break up if you are a gay teenager?
She broke up with me after three days because she's terrified of being gay and now I'm gonna be the best friend I can be and help her.
Trouble is I still like her.
How do I get over this and also over my really upset emotions right now?
She needs me now more than anything and I don't want my emotions to get in the way
Good ! A step in the right direction. There is hope for her
Is it weird for a gay teenager to really want a baby?
I'm obviously not going to get a baby anytime soon, because I am a teenager but i don't know. I've been obsessed with looking at information on adoption, artificial insemination, the show 16 and pregnant on's just madness.

MP1: If you were a contact of mine, can you connect back if you see this?
MP2: Do you hate your job if you have one? If you aren't old enough for one, how much do you hate or love school?
MP3: What's your favorite flower?
Speaking as someone who will be going through the DEIVF process early next year, the journey thus far has been stressful, emotional, and nerve-wracking for both my wife & I.

As far as your question goes, I don't see a teen merely wanting a baby odd in the least. It appears you've developed some plain old curiosity on the subject. That, or you've become a clucky hen. Just guyding about the last part.

Work hard and take the necessary steps to accomplish your goals. You (and/or a partner) can create a healthy and stable environment to raise a baby someday.

I'm sure you know babies are EXPENSIVE. They're cute pooping, sleeping, crying, eating machines. Doctors bills, clothing, food, etc. x 18 years, and a lifetime commitment. A good job will certainly help with the financial responsibilities that are involved. Continue putting yourself out there, experience all that life has to offer, go a little crazy, and live it up. (Dancing like a walrus, for example, haha!)

Once you have a little one, your priorities will shift, and they come first. Or at least that's the way it should be, ideally. Make sure you're ready - in every way possible.

MP1: Yep, sure. Whaddjya do now? ;)
MP2: Nope, I actually love what I do...most days!
MP3: They're all so pretty, don't make me pick.

**Edit: I did not thumbs down anyone**
Can a gay teenager still enjoy a date with a girl?
In terms of being able to interact, talk and getting to know each other, can a gay guy still enjoy a complete date with a straight girl that likes him very much but doesn't know that he is gay?
yeah I suppose so as long as the topics are topics that the gay guy likes. Just because he is gay doesnt mean all his friends are and all the people he enjoys interacting with are gay.
Can I suggest to Disney to make a movie about a gay teenager?
How much controversy would be caused?

I know chances are they wouldn't do it; however, they like to talk about "real teenagers and guys" as they say, because you know most teenagers have to hide princesses in their rooms, run all over the world singing about being an animal, or meet another identical twin that happens to be a famous model.

MQ: Just for fun, can you figure out what movies I'm referring to in these examples?
A crapload of contraversy! But that would be awesome (and hilarious) if it happened. But, I mean I think it really would help guys... that are confused about their sexuality or that are afraid of being gay, or that think being gay is wierd. To realize that it's okay, and that it's normal. They won't, but they really should.

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