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All Comments

Why are gay men noticeable from their facial features?
I can tell by looking at facial features of gay men tand identify their homo sexual orientation. How does this become possible??
thats' just ridiculous:

& all in YOUr head !
Have you ever seen a gay man with facial hair on his chin?
I don't mean a mustache. I just mean a goatee or full beard.
Yes lots. Full beards are hot.
Are u able to look at facial features of gay men and identify their sexuality?
I can identify most if not some. Are u able to? How does this become possible. I'm straight.
Oh yes, for sure. There is a distictive gay frown, gay smile, gay nose twitch, gay ear wiggling, gay nose picking, u name it....there's a gay for it.

Do gay guys like facial hair or stubble on other guys?
Or is clean shaven the way the guy?
ok , listen up , there are a million gay gays , some of them like shaved some of them like beards ,

if you ask what a large group of people like they are not all going to say the same thing , i mean you could say do all gay guys like ice cream , there are probably some gay dudes that dont like ice cream , see what im saying!
Why do people think im gay?? Do I have gay facial features?
People laugh at my face..they think im gay..Is it true that I have gay facial features..if i do then what are they???
No, I don't think you do. But there is a lot more to it then just looks. I myself am gay, and I used to worry about sounding too gay. But really it doesn't matter. Just be who you are. If you are straight then you are straight. Those people ripping on you are either haters or they are gay themselves. A lot of closeted gay guys are the most vocal homophobes.

I have a friend who is actually straight, but because of the way he carries himself people think he's gay. It doesn't seem to hurt him though. All the girls and guys are always hitting on him. I say just go with it. If people want to talk, correct them, but don't make a big deal out of it. It's there problem not yours.

The more comfortable you are with yourself and your sexuality, the less it will matter what others think. It makes you seem confident and attracts people to you. (Guys and Girls).
Gay/Feminine guys out there,what are a few really good Facial products for a more girly clean,smooth face?
Ive noticed gay guys have really good skin,basically because straight rugged guys dont really care much about taking feminine care to our face. What are some products you guys use to obtain such a vibrant healthy face and skin?
Im german/english so im naturally paleish/light skin toned,Can I use one of the Light self tanners also?
this gay guy with really nice skin helped me at the store and he said he uses queen heleen.
Gay Men: Do you prefer your partner to have some facial hair or just smooth?
My boyfriend has facial hair but everytime we kiss he hurts like !@#!@# so he actually shaves before seeing me.

I prefer a smooth face.
I think a little bit of stubble is cute looking, but anymore than that and it's a complete turn off for me.
Is it gay or weird to give yourself a facial?
My friend was talking about different ways he jerks it. He said one time he leaned up against a wall to make an L shape and jerked off, and a lot of on his face. Is that weird or gay or like is that normal...?
When we get sexually excited, we do a lot of weird things.
Some of us like to try doing something a different way than usual.

If I understand you correctly, he was in a position where his penis was sort of over his face and when he ejaculated, a lot of it landed on his face?
I figure he liked get a close up view of his penis, and when you're having an orgasm everything is exciting.

It sounds kind of funny to hear about it, but as long as it's your own semen I don't really see how it's that much different from getting it on your hand or stomach. One time when it had been a while since I'd ejaculated and my wife gave me an awesome handjob, a little bit got on my face. It was kind of exciting.

It's definitely not homosexual because there is no other guy involved. It might be weird, but that's sort of normal for sexual excitement.

It's good that you guys can talk about this kind of stuff though. I'd say if you can talk openly and keep each other's confidences, then you've got a good friend.
Ladies and gay/bi men: What facial features really attract you in a man?
Even though we don't like to admit it, we really do care about looks. And we're usually REALLY specific. So what color eyes do you like the best? Do you think a straight, medium sized nose or a huge convex nose (or whatever else) is the sexiest?(yes, noses can be sexy) Would you prefer a guy to have thin lips or thickly defined lips? Or something in between? Is a cleft chin a turn-off? What kind of hair is sexier? etc...
Okay, for starters, I am not gay or bi. Just helping because I have way more friends that are girls that I know what to do with. And all they talk about is boysboysboys. So I might know a thing or two. And my girlfriend likes blue eyes. Mine are brown. She likes little noses. Mine is gigantic. She likes thick lips. Mine are thin. She doesn't like cleft chins. Which I have. She likes curly hair. Mine is board straight. So really, I think personality trumps all. And everyone has their own opinion.

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