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Gay Chicago...?
Hey so I'm gay and I live in a boring/conservative Illinois suburb right now...I'm moving to Chicago soon and just wondering is there anything to do if you're under 21? I'm 19 so I don't think I can get into the clubs. Also has anyone ever been to the center on Halsted before? What do they do there?
Buck--The Manhole no longer exists!

There is plenty do for a 19 year old gay male in Chicago. You just have to find it. There are few 18+ gay clubs, some may have closed down by now, this was 6 years ago. The key is making friends who are also gay, there is always something going on!
What is there to do at Chicago gay pride?
My friend and I are both 16 and want To go to Chicago this year for gay pride. We only live an hour away, but don't know what there is to do at pride?

What is there to do?
And also, what should we wear?


(P.S. I know it's early, we just need to have a plan so our parents can get that weekend off for however long, set up transportation etc.)
there is, of course, the march. that's what everyone goes for. there's food and merchandise usually. think of a street fair but painted with rainbows and equality political posters. and theres usually music too. as for what to wear, be yourself. or wear any pride gear you have. also don't be surprised to see guys in drag gear, leather, and g strings. traffic is always a nightmare in the city but it's fun to go. have fun!
I am considering a move to Chicago from Sacramento. How is the gay night life there? How is the city like?
I am debating whether I should move back to Los Angeles or San Francisco. I have lived in both cities and love it there. I am looking for a change. I have also lived in Miami, yet only went there for school. I know it gets super cold during the winter and humid during the summer. I have heard good things about Chicago and plan to visit soon to see if its the city for me. How gay friendly is Chicago compared to LA or SF? Thanks !
Very gay friendly. Between the annual Gay Pride Parade that is one of the biggest parades in the city in terms of spectators, to the Halsted Street Market Days, a music/street fair located in the heart of the gay community (Boystown on North Halsted Street) and attended by EVERYONE, straight and gay, the city is very gay friendly. In addtion, there is a growing gay community in the North Clark street area in the neighborhood known as Andersonville. It's a neighborhood with a Swedish heritage that used to be the haven for lesbians, but now the boys are moving in too. Granted there are some areas of the city that aren't very tolerant, and there have been incidents where guys have been jumped by frat boys who hang out in the bars near Wrigleyfield, but for the most part, no one cares. The Boystown area is filled with restaurants and bars, so I guess there's alwasy something to do on the weekend.

As for the weather, you have to decided that. Yes, it gets cold her. Sometimes EXTREMELY cold. But that's part of Chicago. The summer makes up for it with sunny days, lots of parks, a great lakefront with bikepaths, beaches (there's an unofficial gay beach area on the far north side near Ardmore and Sheridan). I think it's worth it. It's completely different than LA and SF, so I guess you'd have to decided what's imporant to you.
Any companies in chicago hire for gay male escorts?
Does anyone know of any escort agencys in the chicago area that hire for gay male escorts? Could you give me a link or a way to get intouch with them. Thank you.
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Are there any beaches in chicago where gay and transgendered people go to and hang out at?
where in Chicago are there any beaches to go to where gay and transgendered people go to or hang out at?
I ws just in Chicago and was pleasantly surprised to see gay people like my age (boys) walking hand in hand in public downtown. I don't think they're gathering anywhere in particular, just being out in the open, which is very cool.
Any gay hang out spots for gay teens in chicago?
Does anyone know of any cool hang out spots for gay youth in chicago..I know that they have the center on halsted but I always wondered if there were any other places in the city were GLBT youth hang out.
Well, if you're at least 18, there's that club that goes by a bajillion names. My friends and I always knew it as Wild Thursdays.

But I live in Memphis now, so I'm not entirely sure.
What are the real names of the gay neighborhoods of Chicago?
My friends and I are planning on going to college in Chicago.
All but one of us is either gay or bi.
There are four of us.
If the average rent in the area is more than $1,400 for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom appartment or the number of murders and car thefts is more than 3 a week could you mention that.
The first is Boy's Town. It is on the north side between Lincoln Park and Uptown. Belmont Avenue, Halsted and Broadway are the main thoroughfares in this area. The second is Andersonville, which is further north along the lake towards the end of Lake Shore Drive. Check out any of the gay web sites or even the city of Chicago web site. Chicago is one of the only cities in the USA that has recognized the Boy's Town area as an official "Gay Neighborhood". Good Luck in Chi. You will love it. I have been living in Miami for about 2 years and really do miss Chicago. I am thinking about moving back only the cold winters keep me in South Florida.
Best gay bars in Chicago on Saturday nights?
Hello. Can someone make recommendations on the best gay bars in Chicago for an out-of-towner to visit tomorrow (Saturday) night? Thanks in advance for all responses.
boystown is situated around Addison and Halsted
that is all i know.
follow the rainbow pillars
What are non-scene Straight-gay clubs in Chicago?
I live in Chicago. I am looking for a straight club where non-scene gay guys can go. I heard about Continental. But does anybody know any place where gay and straight guys go and hangout together?

I would appreciate your help.

Berlin. Best mixed crowd and music in Chicago.
How would i be able to ride on a float in this years chicago gay pride parade?
i have always wanted to be in the pride parade. now i figure im going to persue the goal. so im wondering how would i go about getting on one of those floats?
Ring the organisers and find who's putting floats in the parade. Then ring a few of them?

Alternately, you probably have a GLOC (Gays & Lesbians On Campus) group at your local university. Contact them and ask.

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