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Can anyone tell me where I can see a free video of Rita G doing hardcore porn?
I just want to see this woman having sex, but I've been having trouble finding anything. Please help.
I cant find any either but here is an awesome picture gallery.…
Where can i find wwe hardcore videos to download on my mobile? I want it free, easy and real sites! thank you!
I just want clips eg. Top ten hardcore hits or anything hardcore and gorey...tables etc.. just to watch on my phone PLZ!
PAY for it
What's a good FREE video-editing program, similar to Sony Vegas Movie Maker?
I'm getting interested in video-editing and I'm looking for a great program to use (Nothing hardcore, for a professional high-paying job, but nothing low budget, either). My friend uses the "Vegas Movie Maker" program (I think it's called), and it has a lot nice features, and layout. But that costs, $200.

Does anyone know of a good, full-featured, intuative (easy to self-teach) video-editing program? ...Remember - FREE.

**DO NOOOOOT Suggest Windows Movie Maker - It sucks.

I want to be able edit not only the types of effects, but the length and duration of them, different volumes at different times throughout a single clip, have multiple videos/audios at once, condense or expand the length of clips without "cutting" them (basically, slow-mo or fast-forward), etc etc...

VideoSpin is a free brand new tool that allows you to create your own movie clips in minutes using your own videos and pictures. With this fully functional video editing software you can:

* Mix videos, photos and music together
* Add titles and transitions
* Upload to the web in a snap!
* Direct upload to YouTube and Flash support
Video Editing software to make youtube videos?
I'd like to start making Youtube videos, I don't have a camera so the majority of the videos I have in mind will be using existing video files and cutting them up, just to get a feel for editing before I go out and buy a camera.

I'm looking for a reasonably simple to use FREE video editor, any open source ones around that are easy to use? I've found a few but they're a bit too hardcore for me.
--- This will help you....

use windows movie maker (included in your windows machine)... it can help you make beautiful slideshow or video clip(e.g. mixing your songs with pictures/video/lyric/etc).... then save it as video file such as wmv file format... finally upload.

or .. Just get those clips you want , save & convert them, and then mix/match with pix/sound/etc using windows movie maker to create new masterpieces....

this will help you.... Use 'zillatube'. This is the easiest (and also the fastest) way.

Zillatube produces mpg/mp3 formats from youtube that are compatible with windows movie maker(or media player), and more.

It is very easy to download and convert videos. Then edit those converted mp3/mpg videos with windows movie maker... save your file as wmv and then upload.

It works very well....just google search for "zillatube"

I need a free videos, please help?
Hi people, I need a little help with some basics... I'm looking for a free videos.. I mean, everybody's knows what's youtube,, etc... Also, porn videos and hardcore sites, aren't welcome, 'cause maybe, I know them.. LOL LOL, so basically I looking for it's a free video without copyright or free use.. in another projects...
suggestions.. maybe with a website? ty
Download Grab pro+ and download videos which are able to stream or use ares software to download videos
A hardcore gamer is a person who spends most of their free time playing games. Doesn't that sound depressing?
Kind of a sad life if you spend most of your time playing video games. Am I right?
Not much lamer than sitting on Yahoo Answers...just saying...
What is the best free porn videos website ... with all its categories?
a free page with all category video long anal sex, hardcore, ***, ****** etc. .. all that ..
pornhub . com
spankwire . com
redtube . com

and my favorite

youjizz . com
Where is the best place to watch free online movies OF GOOD QUALITY?
I would like to watch a movie, however, it is 12:48 am and the video stores are closed.

Most online movies lag hardcore and the picture is usually fuzzy. Is there any place I can watch free movies that have minimal lag and a good picture?
I want to know where can I get Indian sex videos for free on internet site?
Indian sex videos needed to download complete hardcore without virus or malaware and it should be free. Can I GET SUCH SITES FOR FREE ANYWHERE?

Does anybody know any free online fighting sequences that hav really good rock music playing in it?
I really need to know some places where I can find free online fighting sequence videos with hardcore rock music playing. Can anybody help me? look for Rammstein they have fighting scenes set to heavy favorite is "Du Hast" set to Gundam Wing, (anime).

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