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The naked fat woman on mtv r show called senseless?
whoever watches the show knows there's a naked fat woman and a naked fat guy appearing on the show as a punishment for whoever is unlucky to pick them. i was wondering, how do u they get paid and how come they are allowed to be fully naked with sensoring on tv.
I like naked women
Fat naked woman?
I stumbled across a ******** fat woman about 400 pounds who was naked and I was turned on so much. Is there something wrong with me?
Its ok, I used to date a fat woman, when we had sex, because of so many folds, it was very hard to find, so I just rolled her in flour and stuck it in the wet spot.

hope this helps
Help fat stripper woman funny costume?
hi.! i saw this funny costume of a fat naked woman with button covering the **** and a thong. (part of the costume). the costume was that of a funny fat stripper woman. please tell me what the costumes name is and where i can find it. either on the web , or in what store
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A question for guys who go for fat women. When you look at fat women naked, creases ,rolls and sagging?
Do you find it attractive???
Or do you go for fat women for a different reason?

I just don't understand how a female version of *The Michellin Man* could be attractive to any one.
I dont think fat ladies are even remotely hot, nor do I actively phuk them. They may be helpful though when my beer goggles are on!
Do guys want to see their fat friends naked?
If a guy doesnt like fat women , would he still want to see a fat girl friend naked? Stomach and all?
Men are strange in that when confronted with a naked woman - suddenly they care a lot less about fat and lot more about nude,
Why do some fat women love to show their naked butts in photos?
There's cottage cheese, thunder thighs, a pool of cellulite, thigh burns between their legs...would you hit?
HELL NO!!! I wouldn't hit it. But big girls need love to I guess. Must be why chubby chasers are in the world.
Weird dream of a naked woman sleeping?

In my dream I saw naked woman, a fat one, sleeping in a fetal position but on her back and with legs and hands open .. she turned in her sleep towards me .. and I saw her rather big belly and also her huge "labia majora" sticking out open. I was disgusted. ... still am when I think of it ....

I never asked anyone for dream interpretation before, just want to see if someone can comment it constructively...
Notice how 'big' everything is in your dream? The woman is big, her belly is big, even her vagina is big.

Big translates in dream-speak as meaning dominant. Size and distance usually correlate to the importance of the feature to the dreamer's state of mind (assuming you don't know any fat women in real-life.) The bigger and closer the object is, the more impact it has on the dreamer's subconscious.

Notice how she's in the 'fetal' position. That could either mean that she represents an infantile awareness within yourself or that she is extra exposed, extra revealed, in your dreaming mind.

Lets say, for instance, that you have this strong attraction towards, and strong repulsion against, sex. Could be for many different reasons but this conflict will create a 'hybrid' image related to these two feelings. A naked woman will conform to the attraction while her ugly, huge features will conform to the repulsive side.

In other words, if you desire to see a woman naked, but also desire to punish yourself for it, your brain could have easily taken it upon itself to produce just such a visual for you. Attraction and repulsion/repression is a fundamental subconscious motivator for dreams, since the mind doesn't like paradoxes. When the mind is stuck, it will create stuck hybrid images and dreams to bring it to your attention.
What is the name of that cartoon naked woman thing that is usually all white?
She is sitting on her but with her hands out behind her holding her up.. Stev-o has a fat version tattooed on Him
Mudflap Girl!
Looking for a picture of a woman?
I am looking for a picture of a naked fat armless woman. I guess it doesn't have to be naked but it would be better if it was...please help
WHAT????????? ARMLESS?!?!?!? AND WHY NAKED!?!?!?!

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