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How can fat guys get more girls than a thinner guy?
I just realized that overly fat guys can get more girls than thinner guys can? why is this? what do fat guys have that thinner guys don't have?
some women like to feel more attractive, so they date unattractive men.
Do fat guys follow football to justify the fact that they are fat?
I mean, look at those guys in the football teams. They may be faster than you and me, but they give reasons to fat people to stay fat.
By following football they can think about all those big hot sweaty muscled up men going to the shower after a tough game, and not admit even to themselves that it is a way to cope with suppressed tendencies.
Why do you see fat guys with skinny girls but rarely vice versa?
Ok, I'm 20 and I know college guys who are fat, but date skinny, good looking girls. However, I never see a guy my age, in shape, dating a fat girl.

Why is this? Are guys more shallow?
guys look more for looks than girls. girls look at personality as well
Is it more socially acceptable for fat guys to date fat chicks?
Than either skinny guys dating fat chicks and vice versa. Just in theory, i don't want the "date whomever you want" kinds of answers.
it's about as socially acceptable as asking this in this category tyler...
we will just have to persevere i guess... ;-p
Why are the fat guys always the annoying ones in movies?
For instance, Superbad. I didn't like the movie, but at the start the fat dude, whatever his name is is the annoying, dirty-mouthed idiot. There are countless numbers of teen movies or even adult movies and the fat people, mostly guys, are always the annoying ones. Why do movies seem to pick on fat guys so much, they never make the skinny guy the annoying ones? I know some "large" people and although they can complain about their weight, they are not that annoying. So what is this about?
Hollywood wants to make fat people seem like idiots. Wanna hear the truth?

Most fat people are idiots. They seem to have less culture than skinny people, have bad attitudes, always talking in a raised voice like it makes their penises or boobs bigger.

However I respect that chain smoking foodalcholic named winston churchhill.
Why do women look for reasons to have intercourse with fat guys?
Instead of just saying that's what they prefer. They will make it look like she is with him because of the money, or she will say that its his 'personality' that attracts her. Why not just say I like fat guys.
I like fat guys
Who sings the song with the film clip where the telephone is painted on the fat guys stomach?
The film clip has a telephone, duck and a piano painted on fat guys stomach which they play???
Please help.
Dr. Love - Bumblebeez
How do these 40-year-old fat guys end up with a cute twink on their arm?
Whenever I go to clubs or parties I always see balding fat guys in their mid-forties with a skinny, cute teenage twink on their arm.

Obviously an 18-year-old wouldnt be attracted to a balding fat guy in his forties unless there was something offered. Am I wrong?
I was going say some people just aren't that materialistic, but, sadly, that is not the truth. The truth is MONEY!!!
Whats the difference between a fat guys man boobs and girls boobs?
Fat Guys have boobs.
lol. so they can still not wear a shirt.
but girls who have boobs, must wear shirt why is that?

they look quite similar.
haha idk!??

There not exacly the same.
there nipples & everything.
lol. i mean yeah...
Do you think its funny when they put dancing fat guys on the big screen at baseball games ?
In between innings or at the 7th inning stretch they play a song and put the fans on the big screen while they're they are dancing.

But, it always seems the dancing fat guys get put on the big screen for the longest amount of time.
cause some people think that its funny

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