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What is that fat baby in the passion of the christ?
you know that freaky lady carrying that fat baby. does anyone know what that represents?
Satan, or the Antichrist I think...
How can i make my 2 month old baby healthy and fat?
Im a young parent who's desperate to make her little daughter healthy and fat, when yushiko(my 2 month old daughter) was born i was happy because she was so healthy,already 8 pounds and pretty big for a new born baby.now that shes 2 months,she looked like a 5 month old.but lately she's getting thinner and thinner. i don't know what to do,no matter what i do she still looked thinner as before.i want her to be a healthy fat baby but how can i make it happen? please help me.
there's something wrong with your guy if she is dropping weight and getting "thinner and thinner" as you say, regardless of whether or not you can afford medical help, your guy needs attention. you need to go to the hospital.
How do you get rid of baby fat?
I am seventeen, 5'1" and weigh about 100 pounds, but I have a lot of baby fat around my body. What kind of workout should I do to get rid of the baby fat?
How do you get rid of baby fat from your cheeks?
I'm 14 years old around 6 feet tall and ive still got baby fat on my cheeks, how do i get rid of it?
I don't know of a way to get rid of it, but at 14 you still have a lot of physical development to go through. Chances are it will take care of itself in a few years. Maybe your parents have old high school yearbooks you can look at to see when it happened for them - and give you a few good laughs too!
How can i get rid of the baby fat from my face?
How can i get rid of the baby fat from my face?
im going back to school soon and it embarrasses me.
How old are you? Maybe it's just fat.
What is the diffrence between baby fat and normal fat?
And baby fat dont me you have to be a baby...

Show me some pics or a website, and i go to school im 14 and on fridays -sundays i play basketball sometimes, is it easier to lose baby fat?
Actually there's no difference between baby fat and normal fat (fats wise). Both are fats. But people who use baby fat and normal fat as different terms mean the following:

Baby fat means a teenager or a grown up person having chubby cheeks kind of fat {i.e. fat on the body which feels soft to touch (or pinch) like when you touch a healthy baby}. Here's a picture for example:

Whereas normal fat is the fat which is not chubby. People who are called normal fat, usually have tight skin and when you try to hold the fat (pinch), its hard, not soft to touch.

Yes, you can lose baby fat by playing basketball. But you should be regular for it. You should do 30 - 45 minutes of cardio/aerobic exercises 5 days a week. Any type of activity that increases your heartbeat and makes you breath faster can be considered as cardio/aerobic exercise like playing basketball, running, swimming, rope jumping or dancing. Do any one type of cardio for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. This would get rid of baby fat.

About growing taller: Yes, you still have some years to grow, but how much you'll grow depends on your genetics, growth hormone and your activities. If you play basketball or swim regularly, there are more chances of you growing more. But if you continue to grow, it doesn't mean you'll lose baby fat. Like I have already said, you must do cardio/aerobic to lose baby fat.

Hope my answer was helpful...Good Luck:)
How to get rid of stretch marks and baby fat after prenancy?
It's so many effective and ineffective ways to get rid of stretch marks and baby fat after pregnancy. What's the most effective way?
The baby fat is not so easy, and just takes time with diet and exercise. But, 2 things I have found that work well for stretchmarks are preperation H (apply a couple times a day) or olive oil (apply a couple times a day)--also works well for scars. Good luck
Best ways to keep the excessive baby fat out?
I have been exercise and doing more sit up. However, it seemed to be very hard to take out the baby fat (or the belly part of the fat) off the stomach area. Any special exercise or experience to decrease that?
You'll need to do cardio to burn fat. Sit-ups build muscle which increases your metabolism to reduce fat, but doesn't burn fat directly.

If you're already doing cardio but not seeing results, you might need to increase the intensity.
How do I get rid of the extra baby fat on my face?
I don't have a ton of baby fat left, but I want my face to be more cut; so what can I do to get rid of the baby fat that remains?
well the simple answer is lose weight......otherwise you can do yes and no's. Lie on your bed with your head hanging off the side, and nod your head yes 50 times, then no 50 times. It may make you feel dizzy but it's the best way to build neck muscles.
How long does it take to grow out of baby fat?
I have lots of baby fat around my face, and its really annoying. I hate being chubby!
At the moment i'm 13, and I'm just wondering - how long will it take for me to grow out of it?

but it has been going away SLOWLY with me, like from 6th grade until now i see a little difference but besides that nothing.
just give it time i guess, maybe by the time were 40 we will get rid of it. lol

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