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Drunk teenagers???
can a 14 year old 5'2 and 110 lbs handle being drunk???
how much does a teen take in to get alcohol poisoning and die??
also, why does alcohol screw up teens bodies??

BTW. i have been drunk before. twice. so don't tell me i shouldn't start drinking
I started drinking when i was 14. im 19 now.
Ofcourse the first time you drink ur gonna get hammered alot quicker then when uve been drinking for a while but
I think the person who is drinking is going to have to find his or hers own limits.
Booze doesnt just screw up teenagers it screws up everybody.
It impares you and sometimes people dont make the best decisions when under the influence eathier.
BUT what can ya do!
Are parents responsible for drunk teenagers in there house?
I wanted to know If my parents are at risk of getting in trouble if there are age drunk teenagers at my house. Even if we dont drink at my house and we drink off my property.
Hell yes. Everything/one on your property is your responsibility.
How common is drunk driving in teenagers?
I have 2 groups of friends. My friend that party, and my friends that go to shows.
My friends that drive from both groups are always driving drunk. Nobody else in the car seems to care. Am I worrying to much? Or is it that common for teenagers to drive while intoxicated?
what should I do to stop them?
Im not going to drive because I don't have a license, and staying home in the weekends is boring...
And im I the only one that notices that there driving drunk because im sober?
i drove drunk or drank and drove evry day for 6months when i was 17.so pretty damn common.and i dont give a **** if it was a bad idea or not
Would 2 bottles of whiskey get 5 teenagers drunk?
Just say 5 teenagers aged between 15 and 16 who havent had much drink before
I think one bottle should do the trick, I assume you're talking about 750 ml bottles. 2 will get you absolutely trashed.
How do I make drunk teenagers shut up?
they talk too much and have party in my class.
drunken people don't know what they are doing. their mind has been taken over by alcohol. They have to become sober (get over) it before they can think clearly again. Take them home, put them to bed and give them plenty of water to drink to help dilute the drinks they have been taking. But it is necessary to keep an eye on them so that they don't pass out and cause them selves an injury.
Drunk pregnant teenagers who have babies born with issues?
I need to write a paper about a pregnant teenager whos baby is born with issues.
Does anyone know where I can find a blog on that? Or could someone tell me their story?
I need it done by 4 today so it'd be awsome if someone could help me out!
Look up FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) there are tons of articles/blogs about it.
What affects could mild drinking have on teenagers? and would this get you drunk?
Just wondering what affects it could have because i have a mate who started drinking occasionally.

And would 2 / 3 of a 40% alcohol drink, the size of the hotel mini bar ones get a 14 year old boy drunk? If so then my friend doesn't seem it at all.
It can make you die young from various organ diseases. It impairs development. Causes psychological problems. Guaranteed to make you a loser in life.
How many teenagers can get drunk off a pack of wine coolers?
I'm talking about the 4 pack.
Less than one.

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