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What is the best blonde hair color for blue eyes and fair skinned woman ?
I am naturally dirty blond/light brown my hair has a little bit of red left in it from my last dye job but I want to be blonde. I have light blue/gray eyes and pale skin. I was thinking a honey blonde or strawberry blonde. My fiancee doesn't like blonde and suggested ( he likes red ) dirty blonde. I really want to lighten up my face a bit so what do you think goes best with what I have ?
Honey blonde :)
What is the best blonde shade for my hair?
I want to dye my hair a blonde shade. I'm thinking that a dark blonde would be best. I have a light/medium brunette color and i'm looking to update my normal color. I would like a natural color. Would this look best? What is the best brand for using on my hair? I am looking to find a CHEAP brand of hair color. No more than $8.00 total. Including tax. I have used clairol natural instincts before. It worked but, i didn't like the results that much.
*Always* as Blonde as possible. Even in a business setting...... And indoors a bright red garish lipstick........ Oh feck, yes...... Guy's fantasy, if you're into it.
What is the best blonde coloring/highlighting job that you have seen on a celeb?
I am going to get my hair done today...It was platinum blonde when I was born but now it has faded to a dingy dark blonde if not brown. Anyway, I've been getting it highlighted but I am tired of the inconsistent patterns and colors so I am just going to get it colored. I wanted to know opinions on the best looking and most natural blondes from others out there. I do not want my hair white and I do not want it to look crazy fake. I am naturally a blonde but just want to brighten it up. What do yall think would look good?? Who do you think looks good these days? Post links with pics if you have them. Thanks!!
I think Jennifer Aniston's hair color (highlightening) is perfect and very very natural.
Carrie Underwoods color is great.
I am a dish water blonde too ~ I use GOLDEN MEDIUM BLONDE color (really doesn't matter the manufacturer) only in the winter. The color takes differently to different strands of hair so it doesn't look flat ~ it looks very very natural and brighter. In the summer my hair bleaches in the sunshine - so I don't have to use anything. Inbetween colorings, use Clairol's Root Touch-Up on just the roots and hairline. It works phenominally and blends with all strands of your hair.

I agree with you on the hair-dying on most people with highlights ~ it always looks highlighted because of the inconsistent and chunky pattern of highlights. Bad jobs.
What would be the best blonde hair dye?
My hair is naturally blonde, but in the summer it turns platinum blonde & by the time winter comes it's dirty blonde with gross roots.
What would be the best hair dye for me if I just want to make my a normal/light blonde?
You can use any permanent dye.. I would suggest preference in like a 96 through 100 depending on how light you want to be.. just do your roots then in the last 10 min comb the dye through to the ends.
What is the best (drugstore) blonde hair dye that doesn't use bleach?
I dyed it last night using Garnier Fructis, and it came out to a strawberry blonde, but I LOVE it! For future reference, though, what is the best blonde hair dye to buy (extra light, platinum)? Also, NO bleach. I'm strictly no-bleach from now on! :)

God bless.
Not possible dear.

You cant color darker hair lighter. It has to be lifted which means bleaching. You can decolorize which would almost be the same as bleaching. If you're trying to eliminate the red, try toning
What is the best blonde hair dye?
I've got this natural dark black hair, and I want to dye it really light blonde for my coming up school year. I need to know the best blonde hair dyes for dark to light hair, because I can't screw this up. I've only got a few weeks before school starts and I need help fast. I can't afford getting it done at a salon. I need personaly expiereinces from others, so can someone please help me?
its not suggested to dye ur hair so drastically with bottles hair dyes. it will damage your hair. the only thing u should do is go to the salon
Best blonde to use after using colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength?
I got black hair, it's darker at the end, but I wanna go blonde, so if I use Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength, whats the best blonde to use after it? I don't want it to look bleach blonde, I want it to look kinda natural.
If you have black in it, it is packed tight into the cuticle of your hair so the color remover (which is really harsh on your hair despite what the package may say) will lift it to orange in some spots, blonde in others. I'd be really careful because the black dye has so much punch to it that the overall result will be spotty. It won't lift it all out in one shot.
If you can, go to a salon because it will be several processes to get you to where you want to be. i know this probably isn't the answer you wanted but I'd hate to see you have your hair turn orange and green at the same time.
Putting color on after using color remover is tricky and the absolute correct dye must be chosen due to the increased porosity of the damaged hair. The "uncolored" hair will grab the base of whatever blonde you choose, so let's say you pick an ashy blonde- it will go greenish. If you choose a warm blonde it will grab orange. Even "neutral" dyes have a base color so whatever that is is what it wil grab.
Also, color removers often leave dye molecules behind in the hair shaft. you cant see them but when you go to put the blonde on they will resurface and turn black again. They're just sitting there waiting for more developer to hit 'em.
If you do use a color remover make sure to not get it on your natural hair color or it will bleach it out.

Good luck, go slowly into the night on this one, OK? Like I said it's tricky. Not impossible but it's best to be in a salon when it's being done because the person doing the service has the full arsenal of products at their fingertips to make adjustments as they arise. If something goes wrong at home you wont have the product to take care of it and will end up running to a salon in a kerchief.

Have fun, be careful, and I hope it all works out for you.
What is the best blonde for black hair?
I dyed my hair dark black and under my hair its like a light orange but im dying the light orange blonde. What blonde would look best with my black hair?
platnium, it would stand out and look great, my friend has her hair like that

What is the best blonde hairstyle for men ?
What is the best blonde hairstyle for men not emo just casual
Umm..just cut it and spike it.
What's the best blonde hair color for me?
I have dark blue/grey eyes, fair skin with peach undertones, and my natural hair color is light brown [although sometimes it looks dark blonde].

I want to dye my hair anywhere from super light to medium blonde, but I don't want to have to dye it so often. I want to dye it about every 4 months. So when the roots start to show, I want it to look okay.

What blonde color is best for me?
ash blond is very beautiful have a nice day..................................

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