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How can I get a pretty Asian gal to like me?
I love Asian girls. But they don't like me back.
Love em too, i guess they are just like other girls.
Maybe you got to get your mind set a bit different, think like they do?
If they are really asian, with an asian background, you can try that.
If they only have the asian looks, just treat them like any other girl i guess.

But you'll probably get this answer from other people here: Money.
I'm an Asian gal who bagpack to Venice, where can I get a hostel at the Lowest $ with a good location?
I'm going to Venice, Italy in June, I only affort a bed the hostel, and need to find a afe and good place to stay.
Reiko, check out…
this website has lots of hostels and cheap hotels.

Enjoy your trip!
Why is it hard to date an asian gal ( india, pakistan etc).?
i have dated a few asian women, but not with out its problems. had to meet up in different areas, lie to familys , hide in cars. cant go to regular places. i understand the cultural differences etc, but ive dated older gal and younger gal, and i am qtr asian myself. just wondered if anyone had simular problems..
Because their parents are very traditional and would rather have them date someone of the same race....? Just my thought..
GUYS: Have you ever been attracted to an ASIAN gal?
I'm just curious. Say you're a guy from a small city on the east coast. Have you? Do they attract you?
Asian's are very attractive in my eyes. Both genders!
Asian looking for a gal frend?
I am an asian seriously looking for a gal friend,dating sites don't work for me,neither I drink nor I smoke so no chance of meeting some in the pub,how can I find one?
u could try clubs????
Guys try marrying an Asian gal?
I have several friends who have married Asian women and these American men are happy. Now I know that the women here will try and say well Asian women are submissive to men. don't let the bitter American gals sway your opinion.

Here is why Asian women make better wives than American women
1. Asian women respect men.
2. Asian women are not golddigging hos
3. Asian women don't bi*ch and complain about equality like American b*tches do and then when they are making comparable salaries to men still expect men to pay for 95% of the dates.
4. Asian women don't bash men
5. Unlike American women, Asian women are not sexists
6. Asian women look, act and dress like ladies not like Pete Rose
7. Asian women don't get fat
8. Asian women are not crazy like American hos

The list goes on but I think you get the point here..
Your list may have been accurate in a different century....

Can't speak for the other Asians, but my God, you don't know anything about Filipino chicks.
Is it true that Caucasian gals do not find Asian guys attractive?
First of all, this is a not a racist question and I am not a racist. I just wanna know whether if this is a fact or not:

Caucasian guys find Asian gals attractive but Caucasian gals do not find Asian guys attractive.
No, it is not true, in general. Some caucasians do find some asians attractive, some don't find any attractive. I've seen a number of attractive asian men in my life...I wouldn't be opposed to dating one if the interest were mutual.

There ya have it.
Do you think that there is no WHITE asian gal/guy?
please share your oppinion. . .
White people are white tanned people can be more or less tanned and those that are albino are albino. White people can live in Asia and through that they can be white Asians, where you live or where you come from does not really define the colour of your skin. ... Not that skin colour should ever matter.
Can the beauty expert or anyone suggest a makeup style for asian gal w/ brown eye,dark straight hair&tan skin?
what eye color that cant go wrong...etc...thanks
I find blue or green eyeshadow really helps to make the brown in my eyes stand out. But you have to be careful with it, since it can make you look like a throwback from the disco era.

Shiny silvers also work.

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