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Do mature adult women often wear corsets?
I was wondering on a regular basis how many adult mature women (that's 30s-50s for this question) wear corsets?
No. Nobody wears corsets.
How do I become a mature adult?
My girlfriend and I broke up recently and one of the reasons was I wasn't mature enough. I am 24 and she is 28. She was obviously going to be the more mature one in the relationship but I felt and she told me that I had the maturity level of a teenager. She is right because at times I said and did things that weren't thought out so well. Things an immature teenager would do. I'm ready to change.
How do I become a mature adult?
time and experience.
Mature adults only please. Selling my videos and using my webcam* Adult entertainment?
Im not looking for nasty remarks or perverted responses!

I would like to start my own Adult videos by using my webcam and or recording them and posting.
I would like to get money for doing this,now how exactly do I do this? I have a paypal account already and 2009 computer software,thank you to all mature answers.
If you use paypal you account will be suspended for terms of service violations and you money will be held for 6 months. I've been down that road. . .

Try they let you do online cam shows for money. If you are just wanting to sell videos and not get on cam live, then try I assure you that you will make MUCH more money doing live shows. Recorded videos are taking a backseat to live cams. Because of free sites like no one really buys vids these days.

You should upload a sample vid to Let people know what you're selling.
Are there any free online sites for Mature Adult GCSE English studies?
My daughter's studies seem different to mine, eg, I have to study 'Of Mice and Men' from John Steinback but her's is different. There's a lot of KS support online but none that I can find for the mature adult student. Any advice?
its just different people do different books, so as people cant cheat as much.
im doing Jekyll and Hyde, Julius Caesar and View From The Bridge, other people in my school are doing a Sherlock Holmes, Romeo and Juliet.
it vaires, but its all the same really.
just go on bbc's bitesize or something
Does it turn teachers off when a student can engage into an adult and mature conversation?
because teachers are suppose to be helping the studenrts who are bad and crave attention so when a mature student can engage into an adult and mature conversation, does that turn teacher sfof? what do teachers think of that?
I agree with the above answer. However, there are also students who THINK they can engage in adult and mature conversations when in fact they are immature and guyish. In the end they end up being frustrated because the teacher is not responding the way they want, and the teacher is frustrated because the student thinks they are mature and all that when they really are not. Total turnoff, those wannabes...
How fully has a guy's brain developed compared to that of a mature adult's?
I'm having trouble researching for an essay and could really use the help.

How developed is a 6-10 year old's brain compared to a mature adults?
Look for a Michigan U study the Amazing Life of the Human Brain. Interview some pediatricians.

The human brain develops in stages.

At birth, until age two, the human brain is at the same level as most upper level mammals. Some thing can be learned, but long term memory is not yet established. There are guyren that develop earlier and faster, but their average life span is also shorter. People like Einstein didn’t develop their full intelligence until in his 20s.

At age two, the brain begins developing the ability for long term memory storage. This is what most parents call the terrible twos, but there is nothing terrible as it shows the wonder of the human brain. It takes ten year for the brain to store enough data for the next stage, conceptual thought.

This BEGINS developing at puberty. It is a time when we BEGIN understanding concepts such as love. Prior to this time, it was just a word adults used under certain situations.

This stage takes 12 years to complete in females, and 18 years to complete in males. Christ was not mature enough to leave home and make his own decisions until age 30. Until this time you are still feeling the desires and wants of a guy. You body is producing a hormone that overrides the logic of your brain, when you really want something. As an adolescent it was that newest toy, but as a teenager, it’s a boy. It is all the same. You so desire something that all else is ignored.
What are some good trees to plant that have an adult, mature height of only 10-15 feet?
I just bought a new house and it has a barren front yard. I want to plant a tree in there but don't want something huge that will interfere with the overhead electric lines or fall on my house. I also don't want something huge that will shed all kinds of leaves. A deciduous tree is ok as long as it doesn't get too big. Can't decide if I want deciduous or evergreen. I'd like some specific types of trees which might fit this description.
Well, a lot depends on what zone you are in.

In general terms:

You could go with any cedar trees or shrubs; if they get too tall, they're easily pruned.

Aspens are very narrow, but get super tall: they're meant for small spaces.

Most crabapple trees only get about 10-12 feet tall, and they have beautiful flowers in the spring.

Good luck!
Whats the difference between Adult Only and Mature?
Basically you have to be 17 to buy a mature game, and 17 to buy an adult only game. I know that some stores like walmart wont sell adult only games. I also know they have more gore and stuff like that? So are those the only differences?
Rated M is for mature and you must be 17+ which is used now, Rated A for adult is 18+ and was used back then like the rating for movies NC-17 Which also used to be used back then and now its rated R

Rated A used back then and is now commonly rated M
What age is your brain on adult level and mature at a maximum?
I know the frontal lobe develops at age 25 but I heard that the myelin grows in the 40's but not because of life experience and knowing from and wrong doesn't make you an adult.What age are you fully mature and an adult really?
Mine personally, never.
If you are disabled do you ever get treated like a guy when you know you are a mature adult?
I am Autistic myself and well I know there are some non-disabled persons who think the disabled should be treated like guyren, which is crazy, I mean boom I know there are some persons with a disability that really do act like a guy but if that disabled person behaves like a mature adult then shouldn't he/she be treated like an adult?
Yes, it occasionally happens. But then I remind myself that some people just don't know how to deal with disabled people. Most of the time they do it because they feel like we can't do certains things and they think they're being nice. It's annoying really.

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